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50 most probable thoughts you have before the take off

50 most probable thoughts you have before the take off

So you are all set to take off to your dream place, prepared almost everything you could, packed all the initials and hooked out of your door to board for your flight, then ran back to take your charger and travel kit you just forgot, [happens in most usual situations] & if it’s your first time to travel believe me it would be a sight to see right now, all panicked! LOL!


So all ready for the flight? You are just a small distance of 2 hours before the take-off away, landing to your favourite city and believe me these 2 hours are no less than any of those MOST panicking situations in the world. Here’s a list of 50 most probable thoughts you have before the take off. [Read out and let me know how many are true]


  1. So all done, just 2 hours till the boarding, I AM ALL SET! Yayy..
  2. I have much time to relax [cheers]
  3. Hmm what should I do to kill time?
  4. Oh let me get that useless packet of chocolate from the duty free shop for no one!man at airport
  5. I am thirsty! Let’s grab an extra expensive bottle of water from the airport store.
  6. Finally heading towards the check in counter [bye bye the cruel world, just look the way I glide weeeee]
  7. Standing in the line, Ahhh! Why the hell this line is not moving?
  8. It’s been 2 minutes but nobody movedwaiting at airport
  9. Ok I shouldn’t be counting now
  10. Oh God!!! 2 minutes & 5 seconds!
  11. Should I call the attender to hop into the obvious hassle?
  12. When will I have my turn? [see I am curious to check in]
  13. Oh my, I look so ugly compared to that guy standing on the first
  14. I need Starbucks!starbucks
  15. Ok the security check, hah I am not guilty, I’ll just clear it.
  16. Wait a sec, is carrying a tooth pick allowed?
  17. Get rid of it, get rid of it IMMEDIATELY!
  18. I hope nobody hears my inner thoughts, No no I am not scared. [reminding myself for the 8th time]
  19. Ok finally my turn!
  20. I hope they don’t find out drugs during the check [do I even smoke?]
  21. Yippy went out and was not declared guilty [dances like MJ in head]
  22. Oh hi! That useless friend of mine whom I didn’t meet for like 5 years from now but I got so excited to see you here seriously! [NOT]
  23. Hugs, shakes hand, talks nonsense [in head: can’t you see I have a flight to catch]
  24. Please don’t comment about my shoe, please DON’T!!! [begging in my head]
  25. Ok a final bye, Thank God he didn’t know I was wearing the same shirt I was wearing 5 years back at his birthday party, hah fool!
  26. Wait a sec! WHERE IS MY PASSPORT?
  27. Oh God No please no, I’ve been pickpocketed [end of life]
  28. Ok hold on, it’s in my hand [sigh of relief]
  29. Half an hour more, let’s have more Starbucksan using laptop at airport
  30. And a slice of chocolate cake
  31. Calories don’t count at the airport and I am a rich brat you see[ searches for coins in pocket to give tip]
  32. Ok gate H5, gate H5. I ‘ll remember it as High Five [lame I know]
  33. So there’s the gate, better conquer that one seat left, [runs like a ninja]
  34. I am 83% sure it’s a gum on the seat I am sitting on
  35. Stands up to see, acts all cool, SITS BACK in embarrassment.
  36. So let me take out my “favourite novel” to just hold in hand and pretend to read so that I look like a whole studious human being alive on this planet.
  37. Boarding time [excitement at its peak]
  39. Ok Ok it’s still in my hand [smiles like an idiot]in plane
  40. I hope nobody noticed me throughout
  41. Looks like everyone’s watching me
  42. Am I that pretty? [feeling proud and content]
  43. Hops in the plane
  44. [walks in style] Feels like I am here to collect my Oscar
  45. Hey everyone, so you all were also doing those stupid things in your mind like me?
  46. Never mind, nobody is interested.
  47. Sits on the assigned seat
  48. Marry me dear airhostess [you are pretty]
  49. Grin and Smirk.
  50. Time to leave and never come back, Weeeeee! I made through it!!!

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