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6 countries to study abroad

One of the best ways to broaden your horizons is to discover other cultures. A lot of us only exist in our own tiny ponds and chose to delude ourselves into thinking that this is all that exists of the world. And it is understandable to a degree because change can be terrifying. However, it is when we learn to accept those changes and differences that we truly begin to grow. Immersing yourself in another culture is a great way to learn about what ‘normal’ is to different groups of people, and a profound way to do that is by studying abroad. You don’t have to adopt this method, your own home town or city may be offering few of the best programs in the world. But getting your education in other countries, exposing yourself to new ideologies and forming a completely new network of people can be rather enlightening. Here is a list of 6 top countries to study abroad;

  • Germany

Germany berlin university

It’s not a surprise to have Germany on this list considering it is one of the most favoured countries for students from all across the globe. And a very well deserved title too, considering that even though so many students make a trip to this European country the tuition fee can be at times non-existent. Being an economic powerhouse, Germany allows quality education in about 350 institutions and above 800 courses, along with optimum living conditions without being too expensive.

  • Australia

Australia university

In addition to the vast exposure to multicultural societies, Australia has some of the best student cities which offer an indulgent nightlife, beaches, natural wonders, art, music and a well-knit student community.  It has several internationally recognised universities and holds a brilliant reputation among graduate employers.

  • New Zealand

New zealand university

Rugged natural beauty paired with some excellent universities and student programs make New Zealand an easily preferred country to pursue their further education. Social and environmental sensibility makes it easier for international students to adjust and the diverse landscape provides some very engaging recreational activities and make New Zealand one of the best countries to study abroad.

  • Canada

Canada university

6.5% of students in post-secondary education in Canada are international students. Which is understandable, considering Canada and its people are known for being diverse and open minded. The culture is vibrant, the environment is stunning and the local variation attracts foreign students and assists them in settling in.

  • Japan

Boasting the third largest economy of the world, Japan has an incredibly strong research and development industry. The resultant of the fact, or perhaps the cause of it, is the exceptional education system. The students of Japan are not only given quality education but are also developed into honourable and intellectual individuals. Many cities of the country have a vivacious nightlife and tranquil pleasures for different types of people to enjoy themselves.

  • Italy

Italy is one of the most cost effective countries to study in, everything form tuition fee to living expenses are reasonably from a student’s perspective.  In addition to that, the country is rich in art and culture and should be the top choice for anyone looking to get into the fields of fine art or humanities making it one of best countries to study abroad. It also proudly hosts several institutions that are among the top 200 in the world. The exposure to fashion, style, architecture and everything renaissance in this European country would be incomparable.


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