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6 questions that really annoy the long term traveler

6 questions that really annoy the long term traveler

Long term travelers are the most tolerant creatures on this earth, you see them at one place and with a blink of an eye they run to another city, long term travelers have nothing in their mind but they just find peace in traveling more, or you can say they can’t survive without wandering; wanderlust is a word innovated for them only. However, in this injustice world, people will not stop judging you for whosoever you are, so if you are a long term traveler, be prepared for these clumsy questions that you may encounter in your life. And if you have already been through such state, do let us know. Read our list of 6 questions that really annoy the long term traveler.


Don’t you get bored traveling?



Like seriously? I’ve been wandering throughout my life and certainly it is the only thing I know as a whole and I actually wonder what made you question such nuisance? If traveling is boring then you should think what’s wrong with you.


When are you planning to get settled?


How cute, so where do you want me to settle? On the top of the Himalayas or beneath the statue of Liberty because that’s all what I have on my mind right now


When will you get a permanent job for yourself?


What? I thought full time writing or blogging job is enough permanent to keep people aware of such bizarre questions you guys ask.



Note: *Please keep those questions reserved for your family/friends/relatives/dear ones/wife/husband/children because they may find it cute but not me, seriously NOT ME!*


Don’t you think your family or friends miss you?


They have no issues but you can’t stop judging me, whenever such questions are asked to a traveler it makes them weep a little inside and they have a flash back of all the memories they missed, be it their mom’s birthday or cousin’s engagement, for a minute or two they will stop and think but you know what, you now have created a more wild traveler out of them so beware!


How many cities you have been wandering through?


The question is quiet flattering though, as you get more reasons to show off your passport but what if the questioner is also a die heart traveler?

Me: I’ve been to Paris, Milan, India…

Traveler: that’s it? And you call yourself a long term traveler?

Me: ummm… you see… I

Traveler: Never mind I will suggest some, I tried the street food of Jamaica, the best of all, and the sightseeing in Cape Town is just splendid and.. do you know the actual height of Burj Khalifa

Me: oh I really have to rush [In mind: thank you for making me feel awful, THANK YOU!!]



So, where do you see yourself in next 5 years?


I am a traveler, I have no idea what I’d be doing in next 2 minutes and you are questioning about whole 5 years?




*BEWARE* These 6 questions can really trigger the long term traveler lose their mind so you must prepare for the worst and take all the necessary measures to avoid any hassle, we are not responsible for any circumstances afore.

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