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September 18, 2015
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October 9, 2015

9 Myths About Africa

9 Myths About Africa
  1. Africa is a country- not a continent

Well to clarify here, Africa is a continent not a country. People often misunderstand Africa as a country. Africa is comprised of 54 independent countries, each country having its own flag, currency, anthems history and blend of cultural values. Africa is also bigger in size than what people think. It covers an area of 30,221,000 square km.

  1. Africa is violent

Africa peace

It’s a common myth about Africa that it is a dangerous and violent place to visit. Revolutions and wars leave no doubt about this myth being true but that’s not true at all. The question is how often you hear about the places in Africa in news?

The places which are popular and mostly heard in news, obviously in a positive way, are visited more rather than a continent which is considered just a piece of land with no major attractions. As a visitor people avoid places like Africa because nobody would advise you to spend a day at Somalia or Ghana. Yes there are some countries and borders that are dangerous but it’s not difficult to search for some peaceful and beautiful destinations there too.

  1. Africa is a poor country

Africa cityscape-min

Another myth about Africa is that it’s a poor and under developed country. All of the African countries are not poor at all; it’s the division and distribution of wealth that matters there. On one hand, there is South Africa which is the wealthiest country, with its own natural resources and excellent educational system, but unfortunately they don’t get to share their wealth. It’s a tragedy that each year many African die due to several serious diseases as they lack good hospitals and proper treatments.

  1. Africa has no history

Africa cave paining-min

One of the most common myths about Africa is that it has no historic background, but if you look back at the great monuments, architects and churches of Ethiopia, you will get to know that Africa is rich in history.

There are hundreds of caves that can be found in the areas of Southern Africa which dates back to 20,000 years.

  1. Dangerous animals roam freely in Africa

Africa wildlife-min

Wild Animals roam freely in Africa, this is also a common myth heard in Africa. But actually the wildlife of Africa is restricted to the national parks and reserves there. Yes there are some animals like Rhinos and elephants which roam a few miles from Nairobi, so it is not safe to walk around at night. There are some golf courses where there are water hazards that are home to crocodiles and ostriches and baboons walk sideways on the roads of Southern Africa.

  1. Africans are unable to access technology

Africa lady-min

It would be unfair to say that Africans are unable to get access to technology. One who has visited Africa knows that there are farmers chatting on their cell phones regarding the cattle prices and women wearing old red clothes talking over phones with their fellows. What they lack is education and proper resources. Kenya has established an operative mobile banking system which is accessible at all rural areas also.

  1. It’s a “hot, dry and sunny country”

Africa beach-min

Another myth about Africa is that its only hot there in Africa, well if we talk about only west Africa then yes its mainly hot and dry there but if we consider the whole Africa including southern and northern parts so these places experience snowfall too. They have cold winters and hot summers including rain at cold oceans.

  1. “African” is a language an African people cannot speak English

A myth about Africa says that there’s a language called “African” that is spoken in Africa, which is totally wrong.

English and French are the primary languages spoken there but each group there speaks their own language but in west this myth is common that African is a particular language. For example the community of Ghana speaks Twi but people from the capital of Ghana speaks Ga, one more tribe speaks Ewe so there are too many languages spoken there rather than “African”.

  1. Africa is at war; there’s no democracy

Africa monument-min

The most unacceptable myth about Africa is that there’s no peace and democracy in Africa and the whole continent is at war. Majority of the Africans have been independent for last 40 to 50 years.

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