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King of Parks – Central Park
King of Parks Central Park
May 3, 2016
Mystic healing techniques from around the world
Mystic healing techniques from around the world
May 9, 2016

Around the world in 36 dishes

Around the world in 36 dishes

There’s no love as faithful as the love for food. Around the world, there are trillions of cuisines, from USA to UK, from Hong Kong to China; you have so many options to choose from to have a scrumptious and delightful pleasure. Come with us to the tour around the world in 36 dishes and enjoy a flavourful delight of your life.


  1. Tandoori chicken – India


Tandoori chicken – India


Originated from the Indian subcontinent, and a widely popular dish in South Asia.


  1. Moules Frites – Belgium


Moules Frites – Belgium


Also famous in France and Northern Europe, but was originated in Belgium.


  1. Feijoada – Brazil


Feijoada – Brazil


Majorly a Portuguese cuisine, but is famously cooked in Brazil, however the recipe may differ.


  1. Xiaolongbao – China


Xiaolongbao – China


A steamed bun kind of dumplings prepared and served in a bamboo basket.


  1. Falafel – Egypt


Falafel – Egypt


A deep fried chick pea or bean patty served in a pita bread.


  1. Khachapuri – Georgia


Khachapuri – Georgia


A cheese and egg filled bread; the bread is baked till it rises.


  1. Chilli Crab – Singapore


Chilli Crab – Singapore


A famous Singaporean sea food dish, crabs are stir fried and are served with chilli sauce.


  1. Hamburgers – US


Hamburgers – US


A sandwich containing patties of ground beef inside a bun served with various sauces.


  1. Poutine – Canada


Poutine – Canada


Made of French fries and cheese curb with a mild brown gravy.


  1. Pizza – Italy


Pizza – Italy


Flat bread topped with different vegetables, cheese and meat depending on your taste and requirement, is then baked till the cheese melt.


  1. Sushi – Japan


Sushi – Japan


Sushi is cooked vinegared rice topped with usually raw fish and sometimes fruits.


  1. Nasi Lemak – Malaysia


Nasi Lemak – Malaysia


A famous rice dish cooked with a pandan leaf and coconut milk.


  1. Adobo – Philippines


Adobo – Philippines


A stored raw food marinated and preserved with different spices and vegetables.


  1. Francesinha – Portugal


Francesinha – Portugal


A sandwich made up of cured ham, bread and fresh sausage covered with cheese and egg.


  1. Kabsa – Yemen


Kabsa – Yemen


A combination of various rice dishes meat stew.


  1. Banchan – South Korea


Banchan – South Korea


Small portions of cooked stew dishes served with rice.


  1. Shawarma – UAE


Shawarma – UAE


Meat is cooked and prepared on grill and then served in a pita bread with vegetables and sauces.


  1. Pabellon Criollo – Venezuela


Pabellon Criollo – Venezuela


Yummy combination of cooked rice, black beans and beef shredded in stew.


  1. Gallo Pinto – Costa Rica


Gallo Pinto – Costa Rica


A mixed combination of deliciously cooked rice and beans.


  1. Mahaberawi – Ethiopia


Mahaberawi – Ethiopia


Served in a big flatbread made up of Teff grain, on it they put yummy curried meat and lots of raw vegetables.


  1. Dim Sum – Hong Kong


Dim Sum – Hong Kong


A small bites of fried wheat or flour dough, served in a steamer basket.


  1. Soto – Indonesia


Soto – Indonesia


Traditional soup in Indonesia, made up of broth, vegetables and meat.


  1. Tacos– Mexico


Tacos– Mexico


A wheat and corn tortilla, rolled and folded with cooked ground beef and vegetable.


  1. Ceviche – Peru


Ceviche – Peru


Skewed sea food salad, mostly fresh raw fish which is cured in some citrus juice and topped with chilli pepper, onions, avocado, corn and lettuce.

  1. Pad Thai – Thailand


Pad Thai – Thailand


Stir fried rice noodles, topped with different vegetables.


  1. Mi Quang – Vietnam


Mi Quang – Vietnam


A rice noodle dish, topped with pork, chicken or beef, then seasoned with fish sauce.


  1. Chicken Parm– Australia


Chicken Parm– Australia


A chicken breast piece breaded and topped with cheese and tomato sauce, usually served as a sandwich [like the one above] Yummyy…


  1. Fish & Chips – Britain


Fish & Chips – Britain


Fried fresh and boneless fish, served with French fried and mayo sauce.


  1. Champ – Ireland


Champ – Ireland


Combination of mash potatoes and scallions with milk and butter.


  1. Croissant – France


Croissant – France


A buttered puff pastry, made of layered yeast.


  1. Kebabs – Iran


Kebabs – Iran


Meat pieces grilled or cooked on skewer, combined with various spices and toppings.


  1. Pierogi – Ukraine


Pierogi – Ukraine


Fried small pieces of wheat dough Dumplings filled with ground cooked beef in to the


  1. Jamon Iberico – Spain


Jamon Iberico – Spain


Cured ham, made of black pigs.


  1. Wiener Schnitzel – Austria


Wiener Schnitzel – Austria


A cutlet which is pan fried and is made up of veal.


  1. Palacsinta pancake – Hungary


Palacsinta pancake – Hungary


A savory pancake, filled with minced meat and topped with juicy sauce.


  1. Tortilla – Guatemala


Tortilla – Guatemala


Tortillas originated in Guatemala, flour pita bread, filled in with different vegetables and meat.

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