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September 18, 2015
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Best hotels to stay in Europe

Four Seasons Hotel Gresham PalaceBudapest, Hungary

Hungary Four Seasons-min


The Gresham Palace is located In Hungary; it is a prominent example of historic art and architecture. The hotel was built in 1906; initially it was an office apartment building but today it is a luxurious hotel located along with the River Danube.

It served as a residence, originally for senior staff of Gresham Company. During the time of World War II, Gresham was used as a barrier by Red army. However, in 1990, it was given to the city of Budapest by the National Government.

The Gresco Investments Limited assimilated the building and it was approved by the Budapest Heritage Board in order to rebuild the hotel as a luxurious hotel, having the same art and architect as it had previously.

Hotel Alpin Spa TuxerhofTux, Austria

The best hotels in Europe list have Hotel Alpin on their list which is a 4 star luxurious hotel, located above the sea level at 1,300 meters. It features the Spa area with an indoor pool and magnificent rooms with free Wi-Fi access. This hotel offers a extensive range of summer and winter activities that includes mountain biking, hiking and ski tours. The restaurant at Hotel Alpin serves some of the best international cuisines, including the breakfast basket and afternoon buffet.

Four Seasons Country Club Portugal


The four season country club, located at the heart of Quinta do Lago is one of the best hotels in Europe. It was established in 1986. The Four season’s apartments and rooms are all designed in typical Moorish style having local Algarve culture and tradition in form of its architecture. The rooms of the Hotel are all furnished as per high standards and furnished terrace and it maintains maximum privacy for people who stay there.

It has a magnificent Club house which has facilities including a remarkable bar, restaurants, and heated inside pool.

The Gritti PalaceVenice, Italy

Italy Venice Gritti Palace-min


Present at the heart of Venice is the Gritti Palace, which is known as one of the best hotels in Venice because of its stunning views and excellent hotel services. It is a luxurious 5 star hotel and it occupies an impressive view of the Grand Canal. The Palace was built in 1475 and it was served as a residence of Doge Andrea Gritti. With its intimate feel and elegance, the Gritti Palace is considered as a wonder in the city of Venice.

Lotte Hotel Moscow – Russia

Russia Lotte Hotel Moscow-min


Lotte Hotel Moscow is a 5 star lavish Hotel located in Russia. It belongs to the largest and luxurious hotel chain of Korea known as Lotte Hotels & Resorts that already operates 18 5 star properties. Lotte Hotel was founded in 1972 and it offers luxurious accommodation with modern facilities. It has all spacious rooms along with connected bars and the hotel offers spa with 300 dissimilar therapies combined with traditional and cultural Russian treatments.

Kayakapi Premium Caves – Cappadocia, Turkey


Located at the Northern Eastern slope of Esbelli rock, Kayakapi is said to be one of the best choices for you to stay in Turkey. It is city’s first historic residential areas. Kayakapi is present between the margins of Goreme National park and the Cappadocia Rocky areas which is also a part of UNESCO World Heritage In 1985. It is located at the areas of 6.5 acres, built in typical urban texture you would definitely love to experience Cappadocia through the sky on hot air balloon.

All the rooms are designed in a historic cave style and they offer free elegant decorated suites with fireplace and beautiful Cappadocia views.

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