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The Blogging Bugs Contest



Dream World Travel welcomes you to participate in our first ever writing contest. This contest is open to all those who share a love for traveling as well as writing. You can share your views and express your talents, regardless of whether you are a veteran writer or just starting out.
If you wish to participate in our contest please read the Rules and Submission Guidelines thoroughly. Keep in mind that the contest starts on the 26th of August and ends on the 13th of September 2016, so hurry up!

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The Blogging Bugs Contest



Results of The Blogging Bugs Contest



Winner’s Bio:

I’m Krysti Jaims, a travel blogger from New Zealand. Travelling has always been my biggest desire and I find nothing more exhilarating than exploring a new country and learning and experiencing different cultures, languages and people.  I’ve had the pleasure of visiting 22 countries so far.Last year I lived in Germany and travelled as much of Europe as I could, and whilst abroad I wrote a small personal blog just for friends and family.Once home I found I missed writing so much, so I decided to start a proper blog this year and I’ve grown such a passion for it!


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