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Difference amongst economy class first class and business class flights

Have you ever thought what’s that one piece of thought that straddles in every business class or first class savvy traveller’s mind that they doesn’t choose economy class further mostly? Well, let it be the class difference or being a rich brat or having a habit to spend handsome amount of money on the luxuries that majority people cannot afford and think are useless, but throughout the time and era, the business class flights have taken over by a storm and the need and greed for the first class flights have decreased a bit by the time so that people have more chances of choosing business class flights rather than first class flights, surprisingly, despite of all the facts that the first class flight wages are sky high and are a bit costly, people still choose comfort over money. However, we can still figure out what’s the difference amongst economy class, first class and business class flights.


The Major difference amongst economy class, first class and business class flights


The Major difference


The first class flights are usually purchased by the high class travellers who don’t want to sacrifice their comfort over anything. The business class flights are rather chosen by the business travellers who need peace and relaxation to the high, and the economy class flights are basically for the leisure travellers who are just wandering from one place to another.


Prices – the HUGE difference




The most significant difference  between the economy class, first class and business class is the prices of tickets, benefits are another thing but the price of first class tickets are sky high and twice as much of the business class. However, economy has nothing to fight around it as its completely affordable and cheap.


Luxury and Comfort


luxury and comfort


People who don’t want to sacrifice their comfort and ease should rather choose business class and first class than economy. In first class and business class seats you will find more luxuries like the stretched long seats, private dividers & cabins plus the facility of Television and laptop.


Food and Beverages


Food and Beverages


The food options in business class and first class are way to optional than economy, trust me if you are on a long route flight, the economy class will keep torturing you by showing up what is being served in the first class one. The best wine and cuisines are provided to the first class travellers.


The clash of leg space


The clash of leg space


For many people comfort is priority and certainly it has proved to be a rather positive aspect while traveling, I mean that’s ok if you are already spending a lot on your travel plans so why not on the airfare you choose? The economy class will only give you enough space to breathe whereas the first class and business class is much roomier and classy.




Probably the best services are offered in the first class flights where you will find more attendants than in any other class, however, the business and economy class passengers are not allowed in the first class area, you will have to cross a complete another check in lounge to access to the first class zone.




If money is not an issue and is just a piece of luxury then first class flights are for you, proving to be the best and providing all the amenities and high range of facilities, the first class flights crosses all the limitations of comfort, best features and exuberantly relaxing than any of the business class and economy class.

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