Famous ice cream spots of world
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Famous ice cream spots of world

Ever wonder, why do you have that much love for ice creams as a desert? May be there is nothing that can compare to the joy you feel of the melting scoop of delicious ice cream in your mouth, So hey to all the ice cream lovers! It’s time now to check in some excellent famous ice cream spots where you can chill around and get frozen with the melting flavors of outstandingly yummy and mouthwatering ice creams.


Fenocchio – Nice – France




The Fenocchio Ice cream spot is inaugurated by Fenocchio family, it is one of the famous ice cream spots of world, today Mr. and Mrs. Francis  proudly sell extremely yummy ice cream flavors which are hard to find anywhere in the world. The first opening of the famous ice cream parlor was in the year 1966 in the old town of Nice. You can experience the scrumptious 94 flavors of ice cream here including some of those flavors which are impossible to find anywhere else like Thyme, Rosemary, violet and Lavender. The Fenocchio is also popular for its Almond, Ginger, Irish coffee and Honey & Pine nut flavors. One you are in the town, it is hard for you to resist the extremely delicious ice cream of France.


Vipiteno Gelateria – Sao Paulo – Brazil




The Vipiteno Gelateria is another one of the most famous ice cream spots of the world, it is named after an Italian town and is famous amongst the tourists from all over the world; The Vipiteno Gelateria will leave you completely enthralled with its delightful flavored ice creams. No doubt the prices are a bit too high but it is surely once in a lifetime experience to taste such delicious ice cream flavors. The best part about the parlor is you will be served freshly prepared ice creams, then and there in front of you. So don’t miss out Vipiteno Gelateria on your check list while exploring Sao Paulo.


Big Gay Ice Cream – New York




Started off with just a truck of ice cream, the Big Gay Ice Cream now operates two stores at the fun city New York. Served with some unique and different flavors and toppings, this place is best to experience some of the best ice cream flavors ever. The famous ice cream spot was founded by two Gay friends Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff in 2009, they didn’t know that their first effort would be appreciated that much. Today they are proud owners of 2 shops in New York, selling extremely yummy and mouthwatering flavors to the locals as well as the tourists. Some of their unique flavors include the Monday Sundae, the Mermaid, American Globs and Salty Pimp.


Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream –Seattle




Their mission is to provide world with some exotic and yummy flavored ice creams. Selling some of the excellent flavored ice creams, the Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice cream gets the ingredients from Northwest Pacific and is ranked as one of the most famous ice cream spots of world. From cocoa to vanilla, the ice cream prepared here will give you a delightful treat especially in hot summers. Some popular flavors here are the Earl Grey, Original strawberry, Salted Caramel, Maple Walnut and Scout Mint.


Murphy’s Dingle – Ireland




Making the real ice cream as they claim, the Murphy’s Dingle is naturally tasty and delicious at selling some of the best ice cream flavors. It was opened in 2000; the first ice creams were an experiment of mixing the flavors. The Murphy’s Dingle even makes the salt from fresh sea water just to keep the flavor natural. The flavors here include the yummy chocolate, strawberry, raisin, caramel honey, vanilla, Irish coffee, black current and Raspberry.


Bi-Rite Creamery – San Francisco




The best ice cream spot in San Francisco, The Bi-Rite Creamery is a blend of some unique flavors that are homemade and that too with combining different flavors. They strive to make the ice creams taste extremely real and natural, as the chocolate should taste exactly as if you are extracting cocoa in your mouth and the strawberry should taste like you are plucking one from the tree and eating it wholesome. Their most popular flavor is the Balsamic strawberry which is highly appreciated by the visitors. So once you are in San Francisco, don’t miss out the chance of getting a scoop full of yummy flavors.

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