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Gadgets you should carry while traveling

Many of you may have already planned your vacation trip. Some of them are just too fun to miss, others add extra convenience to our experiences, yet others open up new realms in the world of technology. Yes we are talking about travel gadgets! These smart tools that have forever changed the way we experience the world are life savers for today’s travelers. If it’s just something to keep you occupied on public transport, to assist your travels or that no holiday can do without, gadgets are becoming more and more prevalent in the modern age where travel and communication become commonplace.

Waterproof Camera

waterproof camera-min


GoPro for various activities, including mountain biking and ice skating, we could see why the GoPro name is almost synonymous with the action camera concept. It has a helmet strap in the box as standard, but image quality is good in a variety of conditions, the design is reassuringly rugged, and the WiFi controls make operating a camcorder that may be attached to your clothing or a vehicle very friendly. If you have a compatible smartphone you can use its screen as a viewfinder. There are cheaper action cameras out there but the GoPro is a true professional tool it comes with the waterproof case. There are a lot of brands in waterproof camera it depends on you which one you want to buy there is professional one too.  This is the great gadget because it captures your beautiful traveling moments whether you are underwater or hiking.

Power Card


Taking up about the same amount of space as a regular credit card, the Wallet Titan is a lifesaver when you’re on the go and can’t be tethered to a power outlet. This thing has a sleek design that easily slips into your wallet, and is compatible with USB devices including smartphones, digital cameras and more. The card can power your iPhone up to 60% and gets high ratings from users for compactness and ease of use for travel.




The iPad can definitely be good for traveling but it just depends if you are on a short trip or on a round the world trip and also what kind of work you will be doing while traveling. At the very least, an iPhone or iPod touch is a must while traveling, but it is a tossup between an iPad and Laptop and your answer will come down to the amount of work you will be doing on the road. Whether you want to work online, or you are an online dealer, you have a meeting with your boss online or you have to talk to your family if you are away from them, all these are best gadgets for traveling. 

Selfie Stick

selfie stick-min


Even if you are  normally the biggest fan of selfies, chances are you will want at least a few pictures from your travels to forever remember an unbelievable sunset or a can’t-miss tourist attraction and prove that you were there to witness the spectacle. Selfie sticks are all the rage right now; this is the favorite gadget among all now because you can take pictures easily you don’t have to ask from someone else to capture your picture.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

listening music-min


A set of noise cancelling headphones should be your number one purchase if you are a frequent traveller. Put them on when you are on an aircraft, plug them into you device, or even the seat plug for your aircraft’s onboard entertainment system and Pow, the plane drone vanishes and you are in audio heaven. This the one of the best gear you can buy because it will save you from noises if you have headache or pain. It could be your life saver gadget.

Multi plug Adapter

multifaced adapter-min


It helps you charge your devices through different electrical outlets, irrespective of the country you are in. They are multi plug adapter will help you to recharge everything from phone to laptop to camera. There is a wide range of multi plug adaptors available in the market and some will also let you plug in multiple devices and even come with USB ports. Multi Plug Adapter comes in different size and different styles it depends on you, which you want to choice. Smaller are the best ones because it is easily to carry.


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