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Holi Color Festival India



Holi is celebrated when it is the full moon, in the lunar month Phalgun. As per Hindus calendar, the festival comes around each year with much more variety of celebrations. Mostly it comes in March and sometimes in February, depending upon the calendar. The Holi color festival is a symbolic representation of good over evil, the welcoming of spring and to heal broken relationships. For others, it is a day to meet and greet others, to play & laugh, forget and forgive.

The Symbolic explanation to Holi color festival is that the word “Holi” is originated from “Holika” who was the wicked sister of the demon king “Hiranyakashipu”. He grew up thinking he was a God and should be worshipped.

In one of the regions of India, where the Hindu divine God Krishna grew up, the Holi color festival is celebrated for 16 days there, in memorial tribute of love for Radha and Krishna that is why it is also known as festival of love. The cultural importance of Holi is much higher than religious one, the Holi color festival is celebrated keeping in mind to avoid the errors made in past and to finish the disputes and conflicts amongst each other as it is a day to forgive and forget. For many, it is a start of a new year and for some, after this the spring season arrives.


Festival of colors…Holi



holi 1-min


Holi is a widely celebrated festival all over the world. Originated from the roots of Hindu religion, but celebrated with great enthusiasm worldwide even it is popular with the non-Hindus. Holi is also known as festival of colors or the Spring Festival

In recent years, the Holi color festival has gained much importance and popularity in different parts of Europe and North America where it is regarded as a spring festival.


Preparing the Holi Bonfire


India bonfire-min



Days before the festival arrives, people start gathering woods and other necessary material at the parks or the community centers

The celebration starts a night before the event with a bonfire known as ‘’Holika”. People gather, sing and dance with love. The next morning arises with the feel and love for colors. Families and friends gather together at one big place and throw color on each other and dance, play and sing aloud with joy. Some carries water guns filled with colors, some has balloons filled with colored water and they splash it over each other. It is not regarded as a bad gesture that day as the festival is a kind of carnival for everyone, where you are free to play with colors as you like.

The thrilling fights of colors take place in open streets, parks or in font of temples. Group of people carrying big drums and bands roam about the streets and go place to place. People plan a visit to their families and friends to spread love in form of colors on them. Variety of typical Indian cuisines can be seen around that day along with sweets and drinks specially a famous Indian tradition drink “Bhang” which is made of an alcoholic ingredient in it that is extracted from cannabis leaves; it is mixed in the milk or water and is highly enjoyed by every one

In the 17th century, Holi color festival was recognized as a festival that celebrates agriculture and good harvest of spring and fertile land.


Holi Color Festival… All over the world



Holi 2-min


Holi color festival is widely and grandly celebrated all over the world. People in different countries celebrate this festival with great passion and with a feel of joy. This festival has no bars and boundaries, the core reason for them to celebrate it is that to get relaxed from their busy lives and make a day so interesting. Mostly, the Indians livings abroad realize the true importance and significance of Holi than no one else as it is attached to their roots of culture. Just as India, people living overseas spread happiness in form of colors and give sweets and traditional cuisines to their loved ones as a gesture of love.


Holi in celebrated across the world including Muslim countries like Pakistan. It is equally famous in UK, USA, South Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh and many other parts of the world.


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