How Smartphones Are Ruining The Travel Fun
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How Smartphones Are Ruining The Travel Fun



Smartphones, as rightly named as ‘’smart’’ have become a basic necessity of everyone’s life, don’t you seem incomplete without carrying a smartphone anywhere you go? Well at least I do, however, this revolutionary invention is somehow ruining the actual real taste of the world, our world and life seems highly influenced by the smartphones and similarly, that is how smartphones are ruining the travel fun too, for some it is also ruining their life, as for my mother every bad thing happening is because of my smartphone so I am sure she will agree with me 100% on this note.


Before you had a Map in Hand – Now You Have Smartphones



Remember the time when you were travelling in the narrow alleys of Rome or in the bustling bazaars of Istanbul, or when you were lost finding your desired theme park in Orlando, that was when you needed the map in your hand to locate yourself, it was its own kind of fun when all the members of family use to hop on the maps and suggest the right ways, now we have smartphones to replace those big maps which are surely helpful though but they have also replaced the fun we use to have while searching in those huge maps.



You used Desktop Computers for Emails – Now You Have Smartphones



The struggle was real to find a computer at your relative’s place abroad and asking to spare some time to email your boss or your wife who is in complete doubt you are NOT travelling alone. This is the real reason how smartphones are ruining the travel fun as now you have smartphones to email and send all the official information required, saving time though but don’t you miss those big computers?


Before you Had a Big Camera or Camcorder – Now You Have Smartphones



The person who had that camera was supposed to be a hero of the family, we use to borrow the camera while travelling and this also showed how united we are as a big family, here, it doesn’t seem at all a sad invention as smartphones have cleverly replaced those big cameras, but yes, it has replaced those cameras and this is how smartphones are ruining the travel fun as now we don’t bother to carry those camcorders as we use to for clicking the perfect click of the family and it was a big time challenge to accommodate the whole trip into 30 to 35 snaps as the camera reel had only 32 clicks as an option.


You had Walkman or CD players – Now You Have Smartphones

walkman fone


It was then when listening music was a big thing, carrying a Walkman and pretending to act all cool while you are in a train or plane, when your neighbours thought you are enjoying and ignoring them simultaneously, well it’s not a big deal today as you have your smartphones acting as your Walkman and Google too.


Before you had Postcards, Envelopes, Stamps – Now You Have Smartphones



It is now how smartly the postcards, envelopes and stamps replaced text messages, emails, and WhatSapp & Messenger messages, those days were fun when we use to send postcards to our relatives, choosing the design was a real struggle and we use to fight over the best one to be sent to our best friends abroad, now we type I miss you and send to the entire contact list, as our life seems at ease but feelings are totally fake.

May be its not how the smartphones are ruining the travel fun, but we ourselves are relying too much on the technology that we have failed to understand the real world, we are just a room away from our parents still text them to wish Happy mother’s day or Father’s day, or decide to post it on social media that how much we love them knowing the fact they won’t be able to read it, we could rather be with them which is enough to show our love and gratitude, similarly, while travelling, its ok and usual to carry our smartphone with us but let’s just keep it as a gadget, shouldn’t we be relying on It that much that we start losing the real world fun and the actual charm of travelling.


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