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How to keep Christmas spirit alive

I will give you ten easiest ideas to keep the spirit of celebrating Christmas and keeping the spirit alive and to make the best out of your holiday season.

Prepare the best Christmas tree

christmas tree


Get ready to search for the best tree with your family arrange it and decorate it well with beautiful ornaments and jewels. Don’t stop kids to do experiments on it, let them enjoy the spirit and joy of this occasion.

Have a night out decorating the tree



Arrange all the decorations, make your cup of hot chocolate, gather all the necessities and sit back with your family & friends to decorate the tree.

Sing along the Christmas Tunes

Christmas music notes


Sing along, Jingle bell Jingle bell; Jingle all the way & Santa Claus is coming to Town, just to get the feel and vibe of welcoming Christmas. Let the spirit of Christmas fill in your houses and atmosphere. Sing your carols on the streets to make others alive with the joy of the celebrations.

Be good to others

christmas cake


It’s a day to remember kindness and good gestures, so be kind to everyone and show the spirit of love and care. Spread happiness by sharing your goods and meals with the needy ones and you will feel the actual happiness of Christmas celebrations. Show your kind behavior to let others know the true meaning of celebrating Christmas.

Prepare gifts

christmas presents


Don’t just buy some expensive and luxurious stuff from stores and gift them to your loved ones, prepare the gifts yourself at home with your kids and family. Show your love and concern by decorating the gift boxes with beautiful ribbons and ornaments. Don’t be too simple, you can have some extra effects on your gifts as it’s the right time to show your friends and loved ones that they are special.

Handmade decorations for home

Christmas home made decorations


Again don’t buy the stuff right from the stores and simply hang them on your walls, be creative! You can even use any leftover decorative pieces or ornaments to make out the new ones, or the remaining decorations of the gift boxes.

Trip around to see the Christmas lights

christmas house lighting


Take your kids to see the Christmas lights in your city. Make them realize that the colorful lights and the joy of welcoming the occasion is temporary but the spirit of celebrating it is high and will always remain in hearts and minds.

Prepare Christmas meals

christmas dinner


Prepare the Christmas meals in advance, bake the cakes, get the turkey from the stores and buy the sweets & chocolates which you can also gift others. You can also get done all the eatables at home; if you are a cooking lover then it’s the best time to show your love and concern for others by preparing yummy cuisines.

Welcome Santa

Christmas little girl santa hat-min


Tell your kids about the arrival of Santa, tell them to be good as Santa only give gifts to the good ones, this will definitely enlighten their spirit of being positive and nice towards life and to be a good human being.

Do countdown to Christmas day

christmas list open book


Wait for the big day anxiously, arrange activities and games with your family specially kids to wait for this great celebrations. Make a ‘’to do list’’ or a ‘’checklist’’ to arrange the necessities for a typical Christmas tradition.

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