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February 3, 2016
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February 9, 2016

How Valentines Day is celebrated around the world

Valentine’s Day or the Saint Valentine’s Day, is observed as a loving memory of the Christian man named Valentinus, different stories were heard regarding this day, one was that he was imprisoned till death for organizing weddings of the soldiers who were prohibited for such act and it was illegal for them to marry, some says it is celebrated in a memory of St. Valentine who loved a girl and was unable to marry her due to the family clash and was given poison, the Valentine’s Day is celebrated to show the world what love actually is.



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Love is an essential part of everyone’s life, what differs it from others is that some expresses their feelings for their loved ones, others have mastery in hiding it and they keep their inner self to themselves. However, this doesn’t change the need of being loved or adored, by essential I mean it’s rather important for everyone to love and to be loved by someone special.

The world is full of hatred; why not spend a day expressing our heart out to the one who means the world to us. Around the world, there are crazy traditions being followed in the name of celebrating the Valentine`s Day, some may curse it, some may generate new ideas of expressing, however, what I observed is you can’t deny or ignore the fact that love is as important as breathing.



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As I mentioned above about the crazy and unique traditions being followed in the world, they may sound crazy but they are definitely impressive enough and if you are willing to try something unique this year on the Valentine’s Day, let this article be your guide.

Let’s look out to the cities that celebrate this day in their own way and see how Valentine`s Day is celebrated around the world.


In Japan



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In Japan, the Valentine’s Day is all about spoiling your man, it’s the women who initiates on this day trying their best to make the day special for their husband or boyfriend. Women usually gift a bunch of red roses or their favorite chocolates to their men.


In USA & Canada


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The American’s are most excited about the Valentine’s Day than any other nation; whether you are in New York or in Los Angeles, the Valentine’s Day is declared as a public holiday countrywide and the people express their feelings to their loved ones with full enthusiasm. According to their tradition, they don’t limit this day within their spouses or loved ones, they rather wish and celebrate it with their teachers, parents and acquaintances. Red roses are seen everywhere in major parts of USA and Canada, cute though as people are seen going crazy buying stuff for their loved ones.


In Italy



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In Italy, once the Valentine’s Day was celebrated as a festival of spring. The people use to gather at one place, usually parks, and listen to poetry and music with their loved ones. However, this tradition is now ceased and it’s limited to their homes only, the Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a different manner, unlike USA, Italians stay focused to their loved ones only on this day; they don’t exchange gifts amongst the family or friends. Hazelnut chocolates are the famous gift exchanged in Italy along with the traditional bunch of red roses.


In Denmark



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It’s a day of young people in Denmark, on 14h February, youngsters are seen sending and receiving love cards to their adored ones, inside they write their feelings and sweet messages that how important their special one is to them. The Valentine’s Day card is called as the Lover’s card by the Danish people.


In France



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The French consider them as the most romantic people on Earth, as they proudly own the great Eifel Tower, though that’s not the only reason, it was one’s the prisoner who was imprisoned in the tower of London sent love letters to his wife in 1415, named Mr. Charles. This gesture was regarded as a romantic one and since then the celebration of the Valentine’s Day kick started. However, today, they don’t prefer sending cards they rather take their spouses or loved ones for a dinner date out and prepare gifts for them. You may also find people busting towards the city of Paris to celebrate the Valentine’s Day and enjoying their date under the great Eiffel Tower.

Valentine’s Day is one of its own kind of a day, celebrated on the 14th of February, the day is declared as the day of expressing love and affection to your someone special and the day when you should forget all the bad happened and rather focus on that one person who means everything to you, that maybe your better half who spend their whole life with a hope that you both will survive one day together (happily), or maybe it’s your fiancé seeking your attention whilst you are busy in a meeting, whatever the scenario may be, everyone out there at some point needs love and this Valentine’s day is celebrated for the sake of such hope that at least on this one day, you will put down all your efforts just to put a smile on that special one’s face.

It doesn’t require much to show your feelings and to make a single day special for that one person who made your life this beautiful and owe it all to you. If you haven’t done or planned anything yet in these past years, don’t worry as this is the time, just forget everything on the 14th of Feb this year and express your heart out for that someone special in your life who might be waiting for a surprise from your side.

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