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March 7, 2016
March 11, 2016

Incredible Glaciers

Incredible glaciers

Let’s explore world’s most exotic and most incredible Glaciers

Glaciers of Antarctica

The Glaciers of Antarctica are perhaps the most incredible glaciers of the world. For Glacier lovers, the site of Neko harbor at Antarctica is a perfect eye candy. The glaciers are formed when the giant pieces of snow breaks and keeps falling into the ocean. They are known as the largest ice sheet of the world that’s why it is known as the coldest continent of the world.


Biafo Glacier

Close to Gilgit in Pakistan, the Biafo Glacier is present right along the Karakoram Range touching the Northern areas, it is considered as a part of great Himalayas. The adventurous view tempts many tourists to visit the site as the Glacier is 67 km long and touches the highest peak of Karakoram Range.


Glacier Bay

You will find more than 10,000 glacier’s magnificent view here just at one place! The Glacier Bay national park of Alaska was in 1925 the first monument of US and was later declared as a National Park and Preserve in 1980. It is also included in UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Glacier Bay’s water area stretches to 1,375 square miles this means it covers 27% of the Parks surrounding. You can also try the cruise trip around the Snowy Glaciers Bay to have a perfect view of it.


Furtwangler Glacier

The Furtwangler Glacier is located near the Mount Kilimanjaro of Tanzania. The glacier at one time use to cover a huge area with its ice but later on 85% of the ice cover disappeared in June 2011. It is said that the Glacier will completely demolish till 2018 but the views and amazing snowy beauty that it has provided will always be cherished.



Pasterze Glacier

The Pasterze Glacier is one of the longest and wide Glacier of Austria. It lies to the mountain range of Hohe Tauern just below Austri’s largest mountain; it is known as one of the most incredible Glacier of the world because of its size and massive changes that occurred while its formation.


Perito Moreno Glacier

The Perito Moreno Glacier can be found in the Los Glaciares National Park of Argentina. Its impressive formation and its size is an important tourist attraction of Argentina. It is known as the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water. It is one of those Glaciers that are still growing huge and massive.


Vatnajokull Glacier

It is also known as Vatna Glacier; it is the largest ice cap of Iceland and covers the largest area of Europe. It covers 8% of the Norway’s area. The word Vatnajokull is derived from Vatna which means water and can also be used to denote lake. It covers an area of 8,100 km that makes it the largest and most incredible Glacier of Europe.


Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier

Both the incredible Glaciers are located at the West of New Zealand in a South Island. The uniqueness of these Glaciers is that they descend from the South of Alps around 300meters above the sea level. Walking around these stunning Glaciers is one of the main attractions of tourists visiting New Zealand.

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