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Travel guide
Travel Guide
October 30, 2015
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November 3, 2015

Liquid Money to Carry While Traveling


Carrying money while traveling is more like creating balance between safety and utility. If basic essential for life is food, water and shelter then the basic essential for traveling is “Money”. Burglars often target travelers and if you’re careless and thoughtless with your wallet or purse somebody could swipe your money from under your nose. It is recommended storing your cash, credit cards and passport in a bag at hotels but it’s not always 100% safe to do it.

So what are the best ways to carry your café safely, how do you keep your money safe overseas? Should you use cash card, credit cards or cheques? Burglary is a common case while traveling; unfortunately, this type of crime is totally common around the globe especially if you are traveling to famous destinations. Visitors are often unaware of their surroundings. Luckily common sense and research can drive along away towards keeping this happening to you.

Use Credit and limit liquid cash

passport cards map


Using Credit Cards as your secondary paying method can be very dangerous, using cards on the road can have lot of payoffs it’s better to use mixture of your money and credit card if your money goes missing. Credit Cards come in handy for making reservations, bigger purchases on credit cards in emergency is a smart option. While Debit Cards allow you to access your cash the same ways as you do it at home instantly. If your cards are linked to the global credit card company you will have no problem making withdrawals in thousands of countries globally. Many companies are offering prepaid card services which can be charged as much as you like and used like a Debit card. Cards are best for sticking to your travel budget it is accessible in single or multiple currencies and often have the similar assistances as debit cards such as emergency cash and card replacement facilities.

Carry an anti-theft bag

anti theft bag


Anti-theft bags are designed for traveling these kind of bags have such features like cut- proof, steel cable- reinforced shoulder straps, locking zippers and slash-proof fabric. Since these kind of elements slows down thieves for burglary. They can do best job preventing opportunistic pickpockets to save your money. Anti- theft bags are easily available everywhere.

Check out for fake ATMs



If you pack your faithful ATM card, just be ensure that cash machine is legit before inserting your card. Mostly burglars place fake ATM machines at high traffic traveler’s areas so use your ATMS that are in banks, in big shopping malls, in airports or inside hotels. All cards have globally ATM locators on their websites so you must highlight those places before you travel.

Leave expensive tools at home unless absolutely necessary



You don’t need your laptop while traveling so why to take it with you? If you won’t use your Dslr Camera then don’t you even try to take it with you while traveling if you are only going to use your camera phone? Use minimal tools. It just becomes another entity to keep track of and another thing can possibly get whipped. So it’s not mandatory to take Dslr for vacation pictures. Alert of your surroundings at all times. If think something seems out of normal then just keeps on walking and never ever takes your bag off for any single thing.

 Liquid Cash and safety

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As long as you are conscious while traveling and stay alert of your surroundings you will be fine and able to enjoy your trip. Distinct from your other travel cash is a great idea. Even if you mislay substantially on the currency exchange it’s a currency that’s accepted globally. Most important things are that always check exchange rates online with currency converters. All these foremost tips will save your from thieves and from burglary.

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