Love for Travel and food
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Love for Travel and food

Love for Travel and food

What comes in your mind when you think of the word travel? Happiness? Love? Joy? You know the same thought comes for food too! Well a foodie person will understand this for sure.


While planning a trip to any other city, we pack almost everything, our clothes, jewels, electronics, even our wishes. What we can’t pack is out sumptuous food but when you are far from your hometown that is the time you miss the food the most.


A research says that a person who travels more becomes more foodie and his love for food increases… well that’s not a research that’s my own thought LOL anyhow! If you are a food addict and a travel freak then watch out, this blog can make you fall in severe love for food and travel.


The Foodie Traveler


The Foodie Traveler


You know who’s a foodie traveler? The one who will try his level best to eat at some of the finest restaurants in town, he is the one searching for the best hotels or din in restaurants with a map in hand or he will eat something from the food street only but definitely will not die hungry.


Top cities famous for its street food


Top cities famous for its street food


If you are a local foodie and don’t want to spend your bucks on expensive restaurants then say hello to the street food which is as yummy as any expensive cafe or bar but will save you a lot. Some of the cities in the world are popularly recognized for their delicious food streets.


Ambergris Caye in Belize is one of those, if you are in Belize and had done good snorkeling or diving in the crystal blue sea of the island, then you definitely need a quick course of meal and you can find it nearby serving on stalls boat side.


Some great street food can be found in Mexico City too, whether it’s a roasted with butter corn on the cob or a delicious cheese sandwich with chili flakes, the streets of Mexico bustles with the road side food and for a quick doze of meal you can head towards the city’s food street.


Are you familiar with the Doner? Well it’s a Turkish specialty and if you really have love for travel and food then you must have heard this name before. Istanbul is famous for some of the best serving Doners, chicken or pieces of lamb are wrapped in pita bread, sometimes they are referred as Turkish Pizza, you can find finest of them on the streets of Istanbul which are extremely yummy and are highly appreciated by the people visiting the city too. Street food takoyaki in Osaka of Japan is also very famous,


Some other cities famous for street food are Ho Chi Minh which is famous for its famous dish Pho and banh mi. Other than that Palermo of Italy, Marrakech of Morocco, Penang in Malaysia is other good options to satisfy your hunger at a food street.




Food becomes an important part of your journey, whether you need it or no! You have no other option but to believe it that food also enhances and awakens all your senses, you would definitely love to dine in with a bunch of friends in a good restaurant, or probably grab some yummy pancakes in the morning for a breakfast day out with your family, however, the best memories are created within the moments like these.


A good journey or a travel plan requires a person who is full of life, who should have love for travel and food both, so don’t be just a plain person who reads some article regarding love for travel and food and satisfies the thirst for traveling, it’s the time to pack up your bags and take off to the city you think is perfect to satisfy your hunger – for food and for travel too.

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