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Magnificent sites for diving

World is full of Fascinating and enthralling places, the nature contains so much that it is impossible to see all of them in one lifetime, the islands, the beaches everything has some beauty in it. Today we will have a look at some magnificent sites for diving. So let’s start..


Bonaire Island


Bonaire Island-min



Bonaire is just a dive away to let you know why this Island is everyone’s favorite. You will fall in love with this mesmerizing site of diving just by visiting it, To the North of Venezuela, the Bonaire Island is one of those where your dream of diving will come true. The colorful and vibrant atmosphere of the island will enthrall your senses just with tis view. The island is located along with 2 more islands, the Sint Eustatius and Saba Island located at the Caribbean Netherlands. The weather there is usually sunny but that’s makes it more obvious and prominent for you to dive in the crystal blue water. No wonder this place is known as one of the most magnificent site for diving around the world.


Tahiti Island



Tahiti Island-min


The Island of Tahiti is one of the largest islands at the French Polynesia. The island can be seen at the Center of the Pacific Ocean. There are 183,645 inhabitants living there which make it the most populous island in the region. It is one of the most magnificent sites for diving; once you are there you cannot resist yourself from diving in the beautiful and clear water. It is also known as the Queen of the Pacific and some call it the definition of Paradise.


Islands of Bay



Islands of Bay-min


The Bay of Islands comprises of 8 islands and is located at the Northern end of Honduras. They can even be viewed from the mountainous hill spot. The best place to dive here is the Roatan, it is the best place for diving and is called the paradise of diving. Roatan has beautiful white sand beaches. You will experience the best dive of your life here at the Bay Island.


Cozumel Island



Cozumel Island-min


The Cozumel island of Mexico is another one of the best place to dive in. Choose any of the white sand beach and just dive in the magnificent sparkling water. It is the best adventurous and romantic natural sandy beach. The climate is Caribbean throughout the year, apart from excellent diving; it also offers the best nightlife for the party lovers.


Great Barrier Reef


Great Barrier Reef-min



The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is another magnificent site for diving. To the North of Queensland’s coast, the Great Barrier Reef is known as the largest living thing still on Earth and you can even view it from the outer space. It contains thousands of reefs and many islands for you to experience the best diving experience ever, diving along the dolphins and shark is truly adventurous and all this can be possible by having a dip into the Great Barrier Reef.


Hawaii Islands



Hawaii Island-min


The beautiful eight islands of Hawaii are extremely stunning to plan a diving experience. Oahu Island is the best one if you are planning a trip to Hawaii, you will witness the best weather and relaxing atmosphere especially in summers when the sun is over head and you feel like running away, run towards the Oahu Island to jump in the beautiful water to have a diving experience like never before.


Similan Island



Similan Island-min


Located at the land of smiles, Thailand, the Similan Island is one of the favorite diving spot for people from all over the Globe. No other region offers such stunning site for a diving experience. Similans are a chain of total 9 Islands which are fenced by superb white sandy beaches.

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