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Most loved sports of the World

From Asia to Antarctica, there’s no country or no city that is not involved in any game or sport. Today we will have a check on the most loved sports of the world



Having around 3.5 billion fans all around the Globe including Asia, Europe and Africa, Soccer or famously called football wins the race of being the most loved sport of the world. The sport is played in more than 200 countries and has a huge crowd cheering for it. Due to its fan following and fame, it has become the most watched, the most played and the most loved sport of the world. The game is played in a rectangular green area; each end has one goal and a goal keeper. There are over 250 million players who love and play football worldwide.



The 2nd most loved sport of the world is cricket. Played amongst two teams of having 11 players in each, this bat and ball sport has become the widely played game of the world. Almost every country have a cricket team, even people’s emotions are attached with this sport as it is widely known as the game of extremes. Mostly, it is popular in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and New Zealand. Even in Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, you will find massive crowd encouraging it.



There are no less fans of Basketball, around 2-3 billion only in US, China and Canada; it has become the 3rd most loved sport of the world. Usually there are five team members and each end of the floor has a basket where you have to goal and the team who has most goals will win. It is not only 3rd most loved sport but also the most watched and played sport of the world too.



The 4th most loved sport of the world is Hockey, which has 2.2 million fans only in Asia, Europe and Africa. Played with the hockey sticks, there are two teams competing in it to reach the end goal. It is the National game of Pakistan and India too but unfortunately it didn’t gain that much of fame as cricket in both the countries. It is played on normal green grassy ground which is known as field hockey and even Ice Hockey is also world famous but Ice Hockey is most popular in Europe.



On # 5 we have Tennis as most loved sport of the world after hockey. It usually has a single opponent and is played with a racket and a tennis ball having a net in between as a partition. In major parts of the world, tennis is practiced even at national and international levels too. Even women encourage tennis a lot, after cricket and hockey there are Women Tennis teams too that are highly appreciated.



Having 900 millions of fans around the globe, Volleyball becomes 6th most loved sport of the world. There are two teams of total six members, from 1964; it has been a part of the Summer Olympic Games. It is widely played even in universities and junior levels, but has not failed to gain fame as international level game and the most loved sport of the world.

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