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October 26, 2015
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Natural swimming pools in the world


Natural swimming pools are most beautiful things in the world. Lets dive into some of them.

Natural Swimming Pools

Eco-Arqueological Park Ik Kil, Mexico

Mexico Eco Arqueological Park-min


Ik Kil is a deep natural sinkhole or pit in Mexico; it is located at the Northern of Yucantan Peninsula. Ik Kil is a part of Eco Arqueological Park and is a popular stop for the people on the way to Mayan city. It is open to the public for swimming and is included in bus tours. The pool is open under the sky and its water level is 26 meters. Having a carved staircase down to the natural swimming pool, the pool is 200 ft. tall and 130 ft. deep. There are plants that open a way to water along with some small waterfalls. There are black catfish in the pool that swim along but they don’t bite so there’s no chance of getting worried. Alongside of Ik Kil, there is a large restaurant located there, changing rooms and some cottage for rent.

Hamilton Pool Preserve, Texas – US

Texas Hamilton Pool Preserve-min


Hamilton Pool Preserve is a natural pool which was created when the ceiling of an underground river was distorted to massive disaster thousand years back. Hamilton is a popular natural swimming pool for residents and visitors of Austin. The preserve is spread over 232 acres and is protected within natural environment including a green pool that looks like a waterfall and is around 50 ft. long. The surrounding cliffs are home to maidenhair and moss and the pool is not chemically preserved that’s why often the area is restricted for people.

Devil’s Pool – Victoria Falls, Zambia

Zambia Devils Pool-min


At the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, Devil’s pool is a natural swimming pool in Southern Africa. You need to be fearless to jump into this waterfall. The view from the edge side is totally breathtaking and frightening, you can feel the flow of the river flowing by your side and crashing down you to thousand meter drop. The splash causes a stunning and booming explosion of water spray which is seen from a distance of 30 miles. That is why it is also known as The Smoke that Thunders.

Erawan Falls – Erawan National Park, Thailand

Thailand Erawan Falls-min


Erawan was founded in 1975 and was known as Thailand’s 12 National Park. The most attractive feature of the park is he Erawan falls. It is a waterfall which is named after Erawan which is a three headed white elephant. There are seven tiered falls altogether, it is an impressive series of 7 waterfalls tied. More than half of the seven falls have calm and relaxing pools for you to dive in along with few clean areas for rest in. Erawan’s major attraction is its beautiful and natural swimming pool and it’s the most attractive feature of Erawan National Park. It is one of the most beautiful natural pools in the world that attracts people across the globe.

Giola – Thasos, Greece

Greece Giola-min


Giola is a Natural swimming pool located at Astris, known as major attraction for tourists of Greece. It is completely rocky as it is surrounded by rocks that reach at the height of 8m. From there the swimmers can dive into the pool. It is a natural sea lagoon; it provides you a pleasant swimming experience. The Aegean Sea touches the shores and fills the pool with water but the pool is detached with a rock so the water is much warmer and that makes it pleasant and enjoyable to dive in.

Gunlom Plunge Pool – Australia


Gunlom Plunge Pool is located in Kakadu National Park. It is a magical combination of waterfall and pool along with picnic areas on the side. People who tour Australia have voted Gunlom as Top pools of Australia and top 100 best views of the Country. At the top of it, you can dip and dive in the crystal clear beautiful blue pool. Gunlom is Australia’s few places that offer swimming for its visitors and in summers it’s a sure shot attraction for everyone.

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