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June 17, 2016
The best views of the world to witness the awe-inspiring sunsets
The best views of the world to witness the awe inspiring sunsets
June 23, 2016

Places around the world too weird for words

It is no great secret that humans are weird as hell. We stretch the limits of societal norms as far as we can or we change the norms entirely. In fact, we never miss an opportunity to be weird. Charles Addams, the paragon of weird and unusual, once said “Normal is an illusion, what is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly.” So really, it is a little surprising that there are still places around the world too weird for words;


  • Fly Geyser, Nevada, USA


Fly Geyser, Nevada, USA


Dr. Seuss’s shower was apparently formed when humans were doing what humans do and were drilling up the place in search of geothermal energy. The water was not hot enough to drive turbines but had enough minerals to build up over time and give birth to this thing.


  • Glow-worm caves, New Zealand




What more could you possibly want from life than to know that there is an actual thing called Glow-worm cave? It is a cave that glows. It’s a glowing cave. Redundant, yes. But things like these bear repeating. As the name suggests, the reason behind this gorgeous cave being one of the places around the world too weird for words is the result of a type of glowing worms that populate the cave walls; Arachnocampa luminosa.


  • Marble Quarries, Chile


Marble Quarries, Chile


This pretentious looking pool is actually a natural land formation which came about as a result of long laborious work by the water constantly crashing against it and painting the forming walls with sea salt and minerals. So before you start judging it for being a rich kids over compensation, realise that this is how Mother Nature shows her talents.


  • Manshiyat Naser, Cairo, Egypt


Manshiyat Naser, Cairo, Egypt


The one city with cheap housing, astonishing employment rate and a generally happy public exists in Egypt. So what on earth could there be about this place too weird for words? The city is trash, not to be rude but the city actually exists on, around and because of heaps of piling garbage. The citizens of this incredible place aren’t just patient about the entirety of Cairo using their homes as rubbish dumping grounds, but they’re one hell of an opportunist. They scavenge and recycle valuables from the garbage and make a living out of it.


  • Cat Island, Japan


Cat Island, Japan


A cat ladies heaven lies upon the waters of Japan by the simplistic name of Cat Island. Tashirojima has more furry felines than it has humans, and for good reason. The Island which is now one of the places around the world too weird for words produced silk, and mice being the natural predators of silkworms needed to be hunted down and assassinated. So they appointed their sworn enemies and built shrines in their honour.

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