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March 30, 2016
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Plan a perfect marriage proposal at these 10 places

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I guess proposing your soul mate with whom you have decided to put up with for the rest of your life is the most nerve wracking moment, believe me it is the hardest of all kinds of decisions you ever make but also the fact that this moment will remain priceless for both. What if the answer goes the other way round? And even in the case of ‘’Yes’’ too, you will be shocked and surprised for sure. Now the thing is how to make that special time really special for them? No worries, our blog may help you to plan a perfect marriage proposal at these 10 places, so have a look.


With the view of the awe-inspiring sunset




Trust me the best way to woo your partner is to propose them in front of a scenic view of the sunset, let it be from the backyard of your resort or just lying on the lush green grass of your favourite garden, it is a worth melting moment and with high hopes the answer would be a yes.


On the top heights of the Mountain region




They have no other option to say yes otherwise you can simply throw them off the height, just kidding, the heights are the best to express the feelings especially a marriage proposal can be best planned on the mountains.


On the beach




Just hold her hand while she is watching the waves deeply and say it all, she will definitely find it extra romantic with the view of the water and some other people who are witnessing this precious moment.


In front of the Eiffel Tower




Believe me you will find 10 more people along with you proposing their partners in front of the Eiffel Tower, it may have become cliché but not vague. With the gigantic view of the love symbol, let your partner know how you want to spend the rest of your life.


Near the Ashford Castle in Ireland




Castles are definitely exotic and the history behind them makes you wonder its exuberance. Notice their reaction when you propose your partner, they will wonder for 5 minutes why you have chosen this pace but seriously they will be cherishing it for the rest of their lives.


On the Bow Bridge of Central Park




The Bow Bridge has been responsible for gathering the lovers since ages, and it has become a trend setter place to plan a perfect marriage proposal at the stone bridge of the 15th century.


Gondola Ride at Venice




The enchanting Gondola ride at Venice is another master piece of thought to plan a perfect marriage proposal for your partner. Just imagine you and your partner on the cruise passing by the beautiful grand buildings and narrow canals; it will for sure remain a heart melting memory for you and your partner.


With the view of the fireworks




Fireworks are definitely exotic and unusual, in a sense that they take your breath away for a minute and you simply get indulged in the bright sprawling of vibrant colours. Your proposal will be an extra special one for you and your partner facing the fireworks and with the thoughts of starting off your new journey with a vivacious surprise.


With a fairy tale outlook of Disney land




Believe it or no, all the women one in their lifetime have dreamt of becoming a princess, dressed up in all those gorgeous fairy tale costumes and waiting for their prince. Why not make it real for them? With the Disneyland characters and the chirpy ambiance of fascinating environment, make it worthwhile for your partner by proposing them at the Disneyland.


In front of the view where you first dated




Portray it as filmy as you can but seriously it is the most romantic thought to propose your partner where you fist dated them, let it be the front gate of their university or the simple café you both dined in together, or maybe it was as casual as a family dinner but the memories and thoughts behind it will make the moment worth cherishing forever.

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