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October 15, 2015
world's biggest and smallest airports
Worlds biggest and smallest airports
October 22, 2015

Planning Christmas

Planning Christmas

Christmas is celebrated every year on 25th December celebrating the birth of Jesus according to the Christians. Christmas day is a holiday in many of the world’s nations. It is celebrated by a number of non-Christian people also. People usually plan these holidays to visit their families in different countries or they plan a tour along with their families to celebrate this occasion.

To Plan the Christmas season, you can make a check list beforehand to avoid any hustle. You can start planning for Christmas in the end of November as you may have guests arriving at your place to celebrate it, or if you are going somewhere that is another thing.

  1. Firstly, plan the meal, that what are you going to arrange for your guests in during Christmas holidays. Create a shopping list before and yes don’t forget about your vegetarian friends as well including breakfast and evening snacks.

christmas list open book-min


  1. Assemble your kitchen and house in a way which is appropriate for everyone. There should be everything available for the people who are staying at your place in order to avoid any inconvenience. You can start with the cleaning process including the rooms, cleaning of the windows, carpet cleaning and lastly don’t forget to clean the freezers, to store leftover food.

 christmas cleaning-min

  1. Preparation of the Christmas cake is most important. You have to be creative and try to make it within time and not to forget the amount of guests you have at your place. Be creative and innovative. You can search for the innovative cake baking ideas from internet or you can have recipes from your friends or family members.

 christmas cake-min

  1. You can decorate your house with your own innovative and creative ideas to give your house a touch of celebration. Make a Christmas tree with different decorative ornaments; decorate the walls with beautiful scented Christmas decoration pieces. You can make colorful wreathes using fruits and vegetables. Moreover, you can decorate the windows and walls with colorful lights to add a touch of celebration.

 christmas house lighting-min

  1. A day before Christmas Eve is the most important one, make sure you have made all the necessary arrangements for it. Don’t forget to take out time for you to dress up, to arrange cuisine in a decorative manner, decoration and cleaning of the house, the Christmas tree and lastly make sure you have kept the drinks to chill in fridge.

 christmas tree decor presents-min

  1. Prepare the food or meal in advance, 1 week before the Christmas Eve so that you don’t have to rush around on the occasion day. You can store the food in Freezers for long term, this will save your time as well and you will have more time to spend with family and friends to enjoy the event.

christmas dinner-min


  1. Now comes the Christmas Eve, a night or evening before the main event. Make the final arrangements at night so that there is no rush in the morning. Make sure you have enough time for yourself and you don’t miss out anything from the check list. Defrost the frozen food and you can half cook the meal at night just to save time on the occasion day. You can bake the Christmas cake at night and leave the decoration part for morning.

christmas night family-min

  1. Christmas Day: The day you have been waiting for weeks and months finally arrives. Make the most of it, enjoy every single minute. Cherish the moments with your beloved ones, eat, laugh, sing and dance. Try to spread happiness and positivity everywhere. Admire the happiness of people around you. Send gifts to your loved ones, who are alone this Christmas and add joy to their life as well.

 christmas presents-min

  1. Since the 20th century, the famous song is sung popularly that is “Santa Clause is coming to Town”. Santa Clause is known as Saint Nicholas or the Father Christmas, He looks like a jolly man in red clothes, who delivers presents and gifts to the children throughout the world on the occasion of Christmas. He categorizes children according to their behavior and gifts them toys, candies or chocolates in form of presents.


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