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Pros and Cons of traveling alone

Pros and Cons of traveling alone

Travelling alone can be fascinating but to some extent it can be boring too. It depends and varies person to person, whether you are a social freak or a lonely soul. Both the ways have their own merits and pitfalls. If you wish to travel alone, carrying a book along with you can overcome your boredom but for how long? You cannot talk to it or you cannot share what you feel. .

It definitely depends on a person’s nature but everyone at some point feel lonely or they want someone to talk to during their long journey. Let’s first look at the Pros of travelling alone.

The Pros of traveling alone




You are absolutely free to do whatever you want; it’s all your choice what to eat, what to do, where to go, how to sleep and so on. You personally want to relax on a sunny beach or maybe you want to spend the whole night roaming here and there, it’s all up to you. If you are taking out time and money for yourself so isn’t it better to have the whole freedom for yourself? There is no one to pull you in their direction or to judge you for what you do. You are your own king and you don’t need anyone else to tell you what to do and where to go.

More opportunities to make new friends

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You will have a great opportunity to meet people and make new friends while travelling. If you are already with a bunch of friends or family members, you will not have a chance to meet new people or you will definitely feel no need of talking to anyone else rather than the ones with you. If you are travelling alone you will talk to every person you meet just to relieve yourself from boredom or for the sake of some help.

Discover yourself

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If you get an opportunity to travel alone don’t miss it out! You will have thousand reasons to discover yourself freely if you are travelling all by yourself. You will get to know your strengths, your weaknesses, your struggle and all about your moods. The best judge for you is yourself and you will be handling all of it yourself. It may be difficult at times but at the end of the day, you will not regret it surely. If you are travelling with anyone else then you will have their influence on you as well.

Cons of travelling alone


With whom you will share your experience with?


If you are travelling alone, you will not have anyone to share your experience with. Whatever you are experiencing or facing, you don’t have anyone to share it with. You can never tell anyone what you are going through or what you have gone through. Yes, there is freedom of whatever you want to do but alone it can be boring at times and you may feel completely shattered. You can have a memorable experience but that will only remain within yourself.

Being Confused

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At some point you need a friend or an adviser to tell you what is best for you. When travelling alone, you will have to make some decisions on your own, your plans your choice but at some point you may get confused. Let it be anything! May be, selecting a mall for shopping or the choice of restaurant to dine in, you will not have anyone to share your thoughts or to get an advise.


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The feeling of being alone while travelling can make you feel unwanted and annoying at times. At some point you may feel a need of sharing those moments with someone but you will realize you don’t have anyone to take even a photograph of yours, It is true that you will meet different people but still you can feel lonely surrounded by plenty of people, however, in my opinion, one should definitely experience the journey within self.


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