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Significance of Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, a time where people come together and make special prayers for the community as a whole. As said by W.T Ellis ‘It is Christmas in the heart that puts the Christmas in the air’.


What exactly people do on Christmas day?

On this celebratory day people greet each other, send out greeting cards along with singing Christmas carols in churches and abbeys. People get ready and put on new clothes, visit friends with Christmas gifts and have special dinner night with their friends and family.


christmas gifts


What items is the occasion celebrated with?

Two very special items of this occasion are the Christmas cake and the Christmas trees.  The evergreen conifer is available everywhere in December for Christmas; people buy these trees as a symbol to represent this occasion. The conifers are decorated with lights and homemade ornaments to make it look even more attractive. The Christmas cake is a symbol of greeting, sent out by people to their neighbors, friends and family as a sign of remembrance.


christmas cake and the christmas trees


The traditional activity of this special occasion  

The most common activity of this event is the gift giving gesture. Gifts are given out to everyone regardless of age. The gifts are kept under the Christmas tree till Christmas morning, children especially wakeup early in morning in order to open there gifts.

The most common figures among the children are the Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas. They eagerly wait for Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas as they believe that they come and put their gifts beneath the Christmas tree. Another common believe of the children is that Santa Claus is their friend and represents a symbol of protection.


santa claus


The historic traditions that sum up the Christmas and make it whole

Two other traditions of this special occasion are the mistletoe and Christmas stockings. The use of mistletoe is very common as this tradition is being practiced from the 18th century. It is a symbol of protection as well and is hanged usually outside the houses. Another tradition that comes with mistletoe is that any man or woman who met under the mistletoe are obliged to kiss each other, which so far has been the most appraised tradition till date. Christmas stocking is another tradition that is based on believe of some Christians that Saint Nicholas will come and grant them whatever they so desire in that stocking. The story is believed to be that, once a poor man who had three daughters couldn’t afford the marriage of his daughters. Saint Nicholas heard their story and in the middle of the night went to their roof top and put a gold piece in the pair of the stockings of all three girls which were hanging on the roof to dry.


the historic traditions that sum up the christmas and make it whole


Top destination for grand celebration of Christmas:

In san Miguel De Allende shops are festooned with piñatas and a girl on a donkey leads a candle carrying possession. When they stop before a Spanish-colonial building and break into song, you realize you’re witnessing the reenactment of Joseph and Mary’s search for shelter that takes place in the days leading up to Christmas.

Your winter holiday trip enhances nostalgia with traditions, sparkly lights, and nippy air making a radical break from it. This place takes you to warmer climes; far-flung hideaway breaking the usual Christmas holiday and refreshing your mind.

Quebec City is another favorite historic destination for Christmas holidays. The narrow cobblestoned streets and stone architecture of the walled city, founded in 1608 by a French explorer Samuel de Champlain, make it as romantic and European as it gets on this side of the pond. Add to that a proclivity for snowfall and an abundance of top notch bars and restaurants, and you will wish that your new year could be postponed. Join us on our #travelchristmas2016 now, visit our website and get a Chance to win an iPhone 7. Why pay for something when you can get it for free.




top destination for grand celebration of christmas



quebec city


Christmas trends in 2016:

Christmas festival has become very special for retailers in the 21st century. The entire economy gets a boost at this time of the year, people around the world starts their shopping days before Christmas long lines and huge crowds can be seen in the month of December, at times even before December. In many parts of the world, retailers decorate their shops with the Christmas theme in order to attract more customers.      christmas festival




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