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March 11, 2016
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March 16, 2016

Stunning Sea Caves of the world

World is full of stunning natural beauty, some places of the world are so mesmerizing that you will find yourself running towards them once you get to know about it. Have you ever imagined yourself exploring the sea caves of the world? It is one of its own kinds of beauty! Let’s have a look at some of the world’s most beautiful sea caves which are waiting for your visit.


Neptune’s Grotto – Italy




The Neptune’s Grotto is a beautiful sea cave located near the Island of Sardinia of Italy. The cave was explored in he18th century by a local fisherman. Since its development, it has become a popular tourist attraction for people. The Grotto can be accessible through a boat tour from the Alghero port. The site got its name from the Roman God Neptune. It is recognized as one of the most stunning Sea caves of the world till date. The cave can only be reached when the water level is calm because the cave is 1 meter above the sea level.


The Fingal’s Cave – Scotland




The Fingal’s Cave is a famous sea cave of Scotland. It is often defined as one of the extra ordinary caves of the world ever visited. It is known as the Cave of Melody. The cave contains a huge arched entrance; numerous cruises are taken to sight see the cave which passes from the cave. The sound of waves and the natural ambiance gives it a look of a cathedral.  Its magnificence and enthralling structure makes it a best place to visit.


Blue Grotto – Capri




On the coast of Capri, you will find a beautiful sea cave of Blue Grotto. The sunlight passes through the tunnel of the cave, gives it a blue crystal effect and becomes a reflection. The cave is 150 meters deep; the cave is popularly recognized because of its blue effect. Take a boat to explore this beauty, once you area around the cave; you cannot stop yourself from witnessing its superb beauty. The emerald light passing by the cave gives it a exuberate effect. The cave was once avoided by the locals as it was a belief that there is some evil spirit nearby.


Apostle Sea Caves Island – US




The beautiful islands of Apostle have been home to some of the most stunning and magnificent sea caves of the world. Located nearby the lake, when the Lake freezes, you will find the walls of the cave freezing into ice. The look of the cave changes from season to season, in summers, the lake and the green forests are placed between the red sandstone and in winters, the caves sparkle because of the lakes reflection. The formation of the caves changes day by day due to different seasons.


Great Blue Hole – Belize




Across the Caribbean Sea, you will reach the most exotic underwater sinkhole, the great blue hole. It is recognized as the best scuba diving place of the world as the divers get an opportunity to dip In the crystal blue emerald water. It was also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. It was ranked as the 10 most amazing places on earth in 2012 by the Discovery channel. It is not an actual place for diving, as the diving experience would not be as vibrant as other diving places, rather you will witness the beauty of the underground cave.

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