Taj Mahal another Wonder
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Taj Mahal another Wonder

Taj Mahal

Walk along the alleyway next to the dazzling pool with fountains up to the crypt crafted in malleable, pure marble and jeweled with semi valuable stones where in the tranquility of glory rests the Queen in peace with her King. Visit to clarify the pages from the history to whip the allure out of its aura and enhance your imagination about this wonder of an epic in stone The Taj! See and take a immerse into the story of ‘The Taj’, culled out from no fiction but details and unfold the history which is set out of nothing but unconditional true love. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder doubtless for Taj Mahal.

History of Taj Mahal

Shah Jahan was the king of Mughal dynasty who ruled over most of Northern India From 16th century to mid18th. After his father died in 1627, Shah Jahan appeared the victor of a harsh power resist with his brothers and in 1628 Shah Jahan crowned himself as the royal leader at Agra. He married to Mumtaz Mahal in 1612 she was his favorite of his three queens.

Mumtaz died in 1631 after giving birth to 14th child. Shah Jahan was known for ordering a number of striking structures during his sway he ordered to build the building of a wonderful mausoleum across the Yamuna River from his own royal palace at Agra. Construction started in 1632 and continued for 2 years. The architect of Taj Mahal is Ustad Ahmad Lahouri he belonged to Persian descent and he designed the Red Fort in Delhi. More than 20000 workers from India, Persia, Europe and the Ottoman dynasty along with 1000 elephants were brought in to build the mausoleum compound.

Design and Construction of Taj Mahal

Shah jahan named Taj Mahal in the honor of Mamtaz, The mausoleum was constructed of White marble inlaid with semi precious stones like lazuli, lapis, jade, amethyst, crystal and turquoise forming obscure design in a technique called pietra dura. The cost of construction of the Taj Mahal was around Rs.320 million. The central dome reached at the height of 240 feet (73 meters) and surrounded by 4 other small tombs, four slender towers stood at corners of the Taj Mahal. Verse of Quran was adorned in calligraphy on the above entrances of Taj Mahal. Inside the tomb an octagonal marble hall adorned with carvings and semi precious stones housed the monument or fake tomb of Mumtaz Mahal. The real coffin containing her real remains lay below at garden point. There is red sand stoned gateway and tetragon garden divided into two digs by long pools of water.


The red sandstone mosque and identical building called Jawab or a mirror straight across from the building. Shah Jahan build second mausoleum across the Yumuna River from Taj Mahal. The two structures were to have been linked by a bridge. In 1658 his son Aurangzeb Shah Jahan’s third son with Mumtaz disposed Shah Jahan and took his power. Shah Jahan lived his last years under the tower of Red Fort at agra where his wife is resting he died in 1666 and buried to next to her grave.

According to old tales, Shah Jahan had his minions cut off the hands of the Taj Mahal`s architect and workers after the construction Taj Mahal because he never wanted them to build another structure like Taj Mahal in future.

Today Taj Mahal is the favorite spot of tourist in India around 3 million people come to visit Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is the 7th New Wonder of the World. Taj Mahal is well known world over as the monument of love and UNESCO world heritage site.

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