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The Best Fast Food Chains Of The World



Who doesn’t crave for some yummy fast food? Almost everyone is aware of the fact that we humans are a bit of clever and clumsy both, by which I mean we prefer food more than any other thing in the world, which is precisely fair enough, and on the same time we blame the famous food chains for the weight gains we have, which is fairly possible but while travelling, how can one resist the foodie part? As ignoring the fact when while travelling, gaining a one or two pounds doesn’t really bother us.  Whether you are travelling to a deserted area or to a hot tourist destination, these food chains will follow your taste buds and accompany you well in the foreign city where you crave food of your town. Some of the best fast food chains of the world are on our list which surely deserves a bow that let us have the same flavoursome abroad which we may crave once our travelling starts.



Topping the list with the most restaurants opening in the world, Subway has been changing the era by its delectable variety of subs, from New York to Germany, and from all over Europe and Asia, there are uncountable subway restaurants in the world, it has become the most wanted option for everyone especially the people on jobs prefer to eat a sub in their lunchtime, which means there’s most consumption of it worldwide.




Papa John’s Pizza


Who doesn’t crave for a scrumptious pizza especially when they are roaming on the streets unfamiliar? Well if you are not amongst those then sorry to say, the universe doesn’t need such negativity on the earth, jokes apart but Papa John’s is one of the oldest Pizza delivering chains of the world, started off in 1983 by a man Papa John himself, who use to sell pizzas for people working in Taverns and pubs, however, within no time it became a huge popular fast food chain, it has become the third largest pizza delivery and take away food chain in US, having its branches in many other countries and planning to expand the business more, *fingers crossed *



Dunkin Donuts

America’s famous doughnut company, Dunkin Donuts is probably one of the fastest growing and known to be the best fast food chains of the world; it was founded in 1950 in Massachusetts State, it’s been getting better and bigger day by day, you can enjoy a wide variety of munchkins, bagels, beverages and of course doughnuts, the best part is it is being competitive with Starbucks because of its coffee which is being sold in a cheaper price. Today, this fast-food chain has 11,000 restaurants in more than 33 countries worldwide.

donuts in box




The finger lickin’ good food delivered at McDonalds doesn’t really fail to surprise us to be on the list of the best fast food chains of the world, who wouldn’t love to enjoy a Big Mac on a boring Monday? McDonalds is a love for the fast food foodies, there are approximately 32000 McDonald’s outlets worldwide and mostly people or travellers prefer eating McDonalds when they are in a completely new city as it’s been a popular brand since years and a favourite option for reliable eaters, highlight of the food chain is its Fries which are a must to try and remains the best of all till now if you are an actual fries lover.




KFC. editorial. Radu Bercan

Known as the 6th largest food chain in the world, KFC food chain receives over 12 million customers on a daily basis, the largest of its outlet is located in Qian Men, China with over 300 seats for people to dine in at ease. KFC is famous for its outstanding serving of Fried chicken and deliciously cooked Burgers, worldwide it has 16,000 stores and again it’s a top most choice for travellers to rely on the yumminess of Kentucky fried chicken.

kfc 2



Burger King

Each year, Burger king sells around 2.8 billion of burgers globally it is the third largest fast food chain of the world offering different variety in different countries, depending upon the tastes.  It has 12,000 outlets worldwide the sandwiches are filled with tangy tomatoes some of its basic sauces are only sold in UK. The grilled burgers, shakes and fries are just deliciously yummy. It was opened in 1954 and since then it has been a marvellous burger selling outlet and is recognized amongst the best fast food chains in the world.

burger king 1




Starbucks is a widely grown, and still growing coffee house chain, coffee and Starbucks have become quiet synonymous amid the coffee in takers, this caffeinated coffee chain is best known for its outstanding blend of strong coffee accompanied with bagels and sandwiches to grab quick for the munch, Starbucks now have more than 23,187 shops across the globe, opened in 64 countries and still counting, the most consumed coffee is now becoming much more popular as the time passes. It was opened actually in Seattle in 1971 and is now a world’s renowned coffee empire of the world and one of the best fast food chains in the world.


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