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October 28, 2015
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The day of the dead

day of the dead

The day of the dead festival, also known as “Dia de los Muertos” is a celebrated vacation in Mexico and is even recognized prominently in different parts of the world. The major focus of the festival is to gather the families and friends and pray for those who left the world and went to that eternal world. To support them spiritually the day of the dead festival is celebrated widely. It is mainly celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November, following with the Catholic holidays of All Souls’ Day and All Saints’ Day, but the preparations of the celebrations starts from the night of 31st October.


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It was previously celebrated in summers, but in order to follow Roman Catholic Calendar now it is celebrated from 31st October till 2nd November. The celebrations are obtained from the cultures of Pre-Columbian; it is their follow up tradition, the ritual ends up celebrating the deaths of the ancestors or you can say it is organized in their loving memory, it is now more than 3000 years since these celebrations are practiced. Formerly, the day of the dead was celebrated in August during the hot summers and was celebrated for the whole month. By the end of 20th Century, the Mexicans noticed the death rate of majority of the children and infants in November and in the honor of the departed souls of infants on 1st November, they call 2nd November as the day of the innocents.

 Their beliefs…

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Before three days of the celebrations, people usually go to graveyards and cemeteries, in order to clean off the graves and decorate them. People around Mexico spend their day at the Cemeteries to be with their loved ones who are now the deceased souls. They carry with them their favorite cuisines and beverages along with the pictures and memories of them as they believe that this will make their souls rest in peace, and then they pray for them.

For dead infants, the people bring toys and another belief of these people is that after the festival is over, they leave blankets and pillows for the departed ones with a belief that they must be tired after a long journey from the sky to earth so they can rest in comfort. As they think that the gates of paradise are open on the 31stof October and the departed souls reunites with their families on the 1st and 2nd of November.


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Even today, not only in Mexico and it doesn’t even matter if you are not connected to the Mexican culture, but in major parts of the world including Europe, Latin America, Oceania, Philippines and US, the day of the dead is celebrated with the same enthusiasm as in Mexico. Most often, after the last harvest of the year, they start the preparations of this festival. The day of the dead festival is celebrated to show the love for the late souls by dressing up like the dead and by wearing masks, it is in honor of the people who did not get a chance to live further and were called to the eternal world. In the loving memory of such innocent souls, the Mexicans and many other cultures also celebrate this festival to regenerate the power and sense of love between those who left us and the ones who are still continuing their life without their loved ones.

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