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June 27, 2016
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June 30, 2016

The Most Awaited Worlds longest Tunnel in Switzerland

The Most Awaited World’s longest Tunnel in Switzerland

Gothhard Base Tunnel is finally all set to spread its charm in Switzerland, the most awaited world’s longest tunnel in Switzerland is getting the fame as the World’s longest tunnel & connecting a link between Genoa, Italy and Rotterdam, Netherlands. It was officially inaugurated on 1st June 2016 and its complete service will be in motion from December. Not only the longest, the Gothhdard Base Tunnel is regarded as the deepest traffic tunnel of the world, if functioned and operated according to the plans and tactics, it would definitely help in transfiguring the travel industry, further.

It will be running from north to south straddling upon the beautiful mountainous region around Switzerland. The Swiss engineers have again conquered a great achievement, after building the longest tunnel under the Swiss Alps in order to improve the travel and trade throughout Europe.


Maria_Janus /

Maria_Janus /


The tunnel’s impact is surely to be felt across whole Europe for years and more, the aim to cut down the travel time for more than an hour’s difference has finally seem achievable after the inauguration of the World’s longest tunnel in Switzerland. For instance if you are traveling from Zurich to Milan, you will have a travel time of 2 hours and 40 minutes, which cuts off the period of 1 hour [as per current time].

As claimed by Switzerland, they will revolutionize the European freight transport and chances are their claims are all set to be proven correct, as till the end of December this year 2016, the Gotthard Base Tunnel is all set and established to be opened for public.

The core purpose of the most awaited world’s longest tunnel in Switzerland was to increase the capacity of local transport across the Alps. The Swiss tunnel has overtaken stunningly Japan’s Seikan rail tunnel which was said to be the longest one till Gothhard was developed.

As the traffic increased by more than 10% in the 1980s and was exceeding the capacity limits, also knowing the fact that the Gothhard pass route is the busiest and most important passages across the Alps, The Gothhard construction become an important move to provide complete comfort.


Gothhard base tunnel switzerland 2-min


It was when 64% of the Swiss voters accepted the project in 1992 referendum, the construction and plan started in 1996 which was shown on national television aptly. Under the glitzy purple neon lights, the inauguration took place which evolved Prime minister of France, the German chancellor, and Italian Prime Minister together at the spot. The tunnel passes by between the Bodio town in the south and towards the North Swiss town, Erstfeld.

The most awaited world’s longest tunnel in Switzerland is now ranking on the top amongst the World’s longest tunnels followed by Seikan Tunnel in Japan and Želivka Water Tunnel in Czech Republic and is regarded as most awaited world’s longest tunnel in Switzerland.


Gothhard base tunnel switzerland 1-min


In October 2010, a visitor and worker in Switzerland stood under the Swiss Gotthard base tunnel and proclaimed that till 2017 this should become the world’s longest tunnel in Switzerland and should be all set to be operational.

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