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The Oddest Wedding Traditions in the world



Marriages are, rightly said though, made in heaven and are celebrated on earth. People who tend to take them to another level are unbelievingly found in the world, the world which is full of weird and wow both have so many different traditions and cultures followed in this regard. It’s always oblivious to find out what kind of marriage is performed in a certain city or country, so let’s have a look at the oddest wedding traditions in the world and how they differ from us, let’s find out.



Cake Pull – Peru


One of the most the oddest wedding traditions in the world is one going on in Peru, A tradition is taken place in there in which, during a wedding where all the single females take part. The charms attached to the wedding cake are attached with ribbons and the cake’s layers, before the cake is cut into pieces, all the women holding the ribbons pulls it towards them, at the end pole of one ribbon is a fake wedding ring, whoever gets that ring is supposed to be the next bride in the queue to get married.


Shoe Stealing – India

indian tradition


A famous Indian tradition include stealing of groom’s shoes especially followed in major parts of India, and even in Pakistan, in some cities like Islamabad and Lahore where weddings are celebrated with complete enthusiasm. It’s when the groom sits in the wedding ‘’mandap’’ his shoes are stolen by the bride’s friends and this makes the groom sit with naked feet all day till the wedding ends, now how he is supposed to get back the shoes ? he has to pay a ransom amount of whatever demand is made by the bride’s friends and cousins and after paying only he can get back his shoes and go back home wearing his own boot. On the other hand, the groom’s side has to make all possible efforts to rescue the shoes from bride’s side and this fight goes on and is unstoppable.



Dare to Smile – Congolese

congolese wedding


While most of the people get totally overwhelmed just with the news of their wedding and can’t control to grin, the people of Congo are a bit different in this regard as the ‘’would be married Congolese couple’’ is not allowed to laugh and even smile from the time of main ceremony to reception, it is said if they do so, they were not actually serious and happy about their wedding. *sigh*



Eat At Your Own Risk – France

french wedding


Good news is that in France, the bride and groom have Champagne and chocolate right after their reception, what’s bad news is that they have to eat and drink it all from the toilet bowl, yes a TOILET BOWL, do I need to explain any further what’s a toilet bowl or what they eat along with chocolates and Champagne? Never mind! For me it’s really one of the oddest wedding traditions in the world.



Toothy Proposal – Fiji


What can be the worst of all the oddest wedding traditions in the world, as in Fiji when a man is all set to meet the girl’s father ask about the marriage proposal, it’s a good tradition to present him a whale’s tooth, now it’s not any of ours headache how to get that, we are no one to judge dude, your life your plans, all the best though.



The Fatter, The Better – Mauritius

mauritius weddng


Gone were those days when women were asked to starve to death to get that gymnastic body, not in Mauritius though, as there the more you eat and gain, the more happier you are considered in terms of being the marriage material. Young girls are forcefully fed to gain pounds before their wedding, it is considered that the more the fatter is the wife, the more wealth and prosperity will come to the husband. And that’s probably a totally other debate on what the husband fantasizes about his wife.



Smash it down – Germany


Germans are way ahead surpassing the oddest wedding traditions in the world, taking it to a totally new level, in Germany, the bride and groom are seemingly work together in the cleaning process of the porcelain plates which were thrown down on the floor by their guests at the reception, they make sure they clean it before going home, the ideas of this whole cleaning process is that they learn to be by each other’s side, wiping away the evil and welcoming the good joys together, how romantic!

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