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March 18, 2016
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Things you should feel free to ask for on a flight

You may feel stupid asking for too much things or questions in a flight but that’s ok when you are traveling, it doesn’t really matter as there are many things that you forget to carry while traveling may be because of lack of time or because of hustle, or maybe you are traveling at the last minute. Not a problem, you can always ask for the necessities you require in a flight as there are numerous things you should be taking advantage of, only if you know that they are allowed to ask. Let’s look at the list of things we have compiled to let you know what you may need when you are up in the clouds.


Can I have a full Can of Drink ?


drink can


Asking for a full can of drink in a flight can be irritating for the flight attendant as they please customers by giving them small share of it in a plastic glass, but you have complete right to ask for it, if you are that thirsty, so feel free to ask for a full can of drink/soda.


I am hungry; can I get some extra food or snacks please ?


extra food


If the food served is not enough for you in a longer flight or your appetite is not satisfied, you can always ask for more food or snacks of your need. Some people love to munch around in a flight or in their leisure time, if you are one of those, then surely you can irritate the flight attendant by asking again and again for some snacks.


I am not well; I need to see a doctor


doctor on flight


You may get ill while your travel period, or maybe you can get sick of height, sometimes you also experience ear pain when the plane is right in the sky touching the clouds and many people go through severe vomiting and nausea, obviously after that you will need a doctor to get medications or consultation, you can ask the flight attendant if they can arrange a doctor, or maybe you are lucky enough that you come across a doctor traveling with you and he could help you during your journey.


Can I get some Extra Pillows?




Can’t sleep properly? Doesn’t matter, you can always ask for some extra cushions or pillows in a flight for relaxing at ease.


Can I get Headphones/Earphones?


Music is a perfect escape from life, you can simply ask your flight attendant to get you a headphone to plug in, in a flight and forget that you are traveling a longer distance.


Can I have some Sanitizing wipes?


Sanitizing wipes


From the seats and the armrests to the washrooms and table trays, airplane areas can be full of germs and bacteria as you never know who is touching what, so to get perfect hygiene, you can ask for the sanitizing wipes to get complete sanitation  and cleanliness.


Can I please switch my seat?


switching seats


You may come across those people while traveling who are never satisfied with their seating arrangements, they always look tense and worried that the other person is sitting and relaxing at more ease than them, well that is perfectly normal as you can always ask your flight attendant to switch your seat if you are facing some issues with the one you are provided with.


Can I get this Medicine or bandage ?


First aid box


When you are on a long journey or you are up touching the skies, many people feel sick and require some medicines that they may forgot keeping with them while packing or they may get hurt or injured during the flight, so don’t hustle! You can simply ask for any medicine or bandage during your flight and you will be provided with it.


Cotton bud and chewing gum




You may experience the ear pain while traveling in airplane, what you can do is ask for a cotton bud to keep in ears to protect yourself from blockage of ear or any further severe pain and chewing gum will protect your ears from getting clot and can also help you to divert your mind from the travel phobia.

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