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March 2, 2016
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March 9, 2016

Top Fashionista Destinations


If you wish to see the best of the fashion destinations, want to enjoy a luxurious ambiance and experience the best cuisines at the five star hotels. We will take you to a tour around the top 5 Fashionista Destinations of the world.





Starting with Paris, which is #1 amongst the top 5 Fashionista Destinations list of the world. The annual fashion week is held twice a year. French women and men are considered the best dressed people around the world. What’s inn in fashion? You’ll get to know in Paris! The Stripes tees are in fashion these days especially in Paris, you will find many people following it as a fashion freak. The oversized Blazers and high heels are another commonly seen fashion in Paris.


New York



New York City is leading on the list of Top 5 Fashionista Destinations of the world after Paris. The city resides to the center of the world and the fashion practiced here is circulated and followed widely. You can call it as the Fashion capital of the world, every part and every area of New York has an amazing different fashion vibe. The army jackets and the combination of black & white dresses are very usual and casual here. When visiting the New York City, make sure you dress up well!





Want to experience some luxurious shopping and best styled fashionable dresses? Milan is the place for you! It is another important and internationally recognized fashion capital of the world after Paris and New York. Not only a groomed fashion, but you will find a vast history of fashion industry blooming at a faster pace. By the 20th century, Milan expanded as a fashion zone center of the world. Around six million fashion freaks are seen around the Globe here, visiting and exploring some of the best shopping experiences and getting indulged in the fashionable era of Milan. Armani, Versace, Gucci and Prada are some of the well-known brands that have headquarter in Milan.





London has its own Fashion definition; you will find all kind of people doing and following every kind of fashion. Vast shopping fields like the west field and Oxford Street, you will enjoy a great fashion sense here. London city remained a top fashion city throughout, you will find many designers and fashion lovers here. It has access to many other European cities rich in having fashion importance. The city is the most funky and glamorous district to world’s best known fashion brands.





If you wish to have a fashion in budget then Rome is the place for you to explore. On our list of top 5 Fashionista Destination, Rome comes 5th. Rome is heavenly rich in having some of the most finest and vibrant designer shops where you can find excellent fashion being practiced. Italy’s top brands can be seen here such as Del corso and via Condotti. Not only this, the historic treasure and artistic beauty makes Rome a must see city of the world. The Via del Corso is a suitable street for the fashion lovers and committed fashion freaks.

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