Travel Guide to Montego Bay
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Travel Guide to Montego Bay

Known as the most energetic city, Montego Bay is a beautiful capital city of Jamaica, the city featuring duty free shopping, luxurious attractions and stunning beaches and several outstanding hotels & resorts sums up to be the worth visiting tourist attraction and a boisterous spring break party destination . Our travel guide to Montego Bay will let you know the dos and don’ts & the things to do in Montego Bay.




24 hours in Montego Bay


Imagine if you have only 24 hours to spend in Montego Bay, what would you do first? Spend a day roaming at the beautiful Cornwall beach at the hip strip, visit the Doctor’s cave beach to see the most stunning sunset drowning with the crystal clear water, it can be a bit crowded but bear with it if you really want to see something exuberant, also you can take the Montego Bay Sea Trek Adventure there which is perfect if you love adventures. Take the John Halls Montego Bay Adventure Tour and experience the real culture and beauty of Jamaica within not time. How about kite boarding at Bounty bay? It is surely the only place to do kite boarding in Jamaica. Spend a day at The Centerstage Theatre to enjoy family oriented musicals and much more.




Shopping guide in Montego Bay


If you travel you are for sure a shopaholic too, for me travel accommodates subsequently with shopping so my travel guide to Montego Bay definitely includes the shopping guide. [O you can thank me later for it]

You will come across some of the most aggressive vendors in the city but don’t worry it’s ok to bear a little. Some of the main shopping zones of Montego Bay are the City Centre, where you will find majority of the duty free shops, then you can go to the Montego Freeport, within easy walking distance. Located right across the Holiday Inn is the Holiday village shopping centre at the Rose Hall road.




If you wish to buy some handmade crafty things from Jamaica’s hotspot city, visit the Crafts market near the Harbour Street, moreover, on the coastal road just towards the eastern side of the commercial centre is the Half-moon Plaza.


See the best Nightlife in Montego Bay


The late night parties are mostly observed in the popular resorts and hotels of the city, especially at the beach in Negril.

The Blue Beat: this groovy musical club is pitch perfect to spend the most rocking weekend at Montego Bay, it closes around 10:30 on normal days, but on Fridays and Saturdays it’s a nonstop party scene here.




Club Ville:  The Margaritaville restaurant at Club Ville turned up to be totally hip hop happening night venue where DJs play your favourite beats and everyone just gets groovy with the beat. *the Thursday night is the Ladies night which is actually popular amid locals.

Mosino gaming lounge: gamers and even non gamers will surely love this new addition in Montego Bay, the casino has of course, the gaming area, restaurant and sports bar that serves tasty delights. *you can book tables in advance to avoid any hassle.


Where to Eat in Montego Bay?




Travel and food are synonymous, at least for me! The best part about traveling to any newer city is to enjoy their local food, trust me it’s worth it.

You can dine in the Margaritaville restaurant at Club Ville as mentioned before; it’s a great place to be. Right on the Hip Strip is the Biggs BBQ restaurant and bar, it’s an authentic BBQ place to enjoy the typical taste of pulled pork, some yummy mac and cheese corn bread and baked beans. Be sure you sip up the blueberry vodka an lemongrass lemonade.

Seafood lovers can hop on to the Marguerites seafood, where you can dine in beside the sea and enjoy scrumptious seafood.


Here are some additional pro tips in your travel guide to Montego Bay




  • Make sure you wear on your hat as the city is usually sunny and you definitely don’t like getting tan? Don’t you?
  • Be curious to taste the typical jerk pork or you can chose chicken for you meal
  • Be sure to be hydrated, keep a chilled fill up bottled water to avoid dehydration
  • Hotels and resorts are surely secured with usual security checks but still be sure to follow the rules, just in case.
  • The Jamaican police may encounter curfews at a very short notice, for some specific towns so be prepared.
  • Call 119 for any emergency
  • You can drive in the Jamaica withholding the UK driving license for up to 6 months.
  • From May to November, the weather is quiet wet and rainy, it can also turn in to hurricane.
  • From December to April its quiet dry.
  • Don’t ignore the weather conditions; in any case carry your summer outfits and a couple of heavy jerseys, just in case.


*consider your travel guide to Montego Bay before leaving; you will definitely catch up some good piece of advice and guidelines for where to go and when to go.

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