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November 9, 2015
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Winter light festival Japan


Festivals all around the world are celebrated in honor of something, whether it is the season such as winters or the summers or it may have some cultural importance. Winter celebrations have become a popular attraction for people across Japan.

Japan winter light festival


One of the Japan’s finest winter illumination festivals is the magnificent Winter Light Festival of Japan which runs every year in Kunwana city from mid of November to mid of March. It is celebrated in a garden named Nabana No Sato which is decorated with flowers and giant tree houses along with beautifully decorated lights all around the garden. The festival is celebrated in a very elegant style with seven million LED lights all around the tunnel.

Japan winter light festival 2


The park also features variety of restaurants. The Japanese celebrate winters in a very different style. The tunnel in the garden is decorated with flower shaped bulbs which displays an amazing natural scene.

This year, the winter light festival in Japan has gained more importance and is in process of being celebrated more enthusiastically.

Japan winter light festival 3-min


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