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February 9, 2016
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Worlds most dangerous travel locations

The world is full of some of the best places to explore the beauty and to experience a great travel journey but there are some locations that are warned to visit, let’s have a look at some of the World’s most dangerous travel locations.






You will find almost everything in Somalia, the beautiful weather, mountains and some breathtaking locations, but still, what is that one thing missing in the city? It is the Tourism that lost its roots, you will not find people advising you to spend a day out at the Somalia Beach or plan a trip to Somalia, because tourism left its roots even before 2004. The increasing rate of wars and crimes has turned the city a reckless one which was once a beautiful city to reside. The fights to get the power over the drugs and weapons especially after the civil war of 1990 divided the city into two war zones and have made it the World’s most dangerous travel location.






Lebanon and its capital city Beirut lost its reputation after the 1970s and were known as world’s most dangerous travel locations. The street crime and carjacking is a normal day routine there, thanks to the Civil war due to which Lebanon gained some of its status and repute however, the crime rate is still found to be a bit high than any other country.




Kenya is no doubt a beautiful and natural wonder of the world, its parks and gardens are famous worldwide but similarly the city is also one of the most dangerous travel location because of its increasing crime rate, you will hear a lot about the city’s crimes and corruptions in news that is why you will not find people advising you to plan a tour around Kenya. Kenya is also a home to all kind of scams and violent attacks. Kidnapping and raping is the most probable crime in Kenya.




To say if it’s a blessing or what but the crimes of Yemen are stuck to the carjacking mostly, if you are on a four wheel drive then yes you are not in a safe place as Yemen is declared as another world’s most dangerous travel locations. In 2008, there was a dead tourist found who was said to be a suspect, later on in 2009 two more tourists were found dead. However, the crime rate is not that high but it is a definite sign of not to visit Yemen without proper guidance .The department of State restricted the tourists to stay in resorts only and not to take a four wheel drive as it is not safe.




In the Western Hemisphere, Haiti is declared as the least developed and poor country. The State department of U.S said that there is no area which can be called safe in Haiti. The crimes in Haiti include murders, kidnapping and carjacking. In 2008, some Americans were reported as missing and the cases were later found as kidnapping and rape cases. All these crimes makes the city unsafe for you to visit but still there are plenty of naturally beautiful destinations there but make sure you don’t go far from your resort or hotel area as it could be dangerous.




The Zambezi River and Victoria falls are the two natural wonders of Zimbabwe, along with these, you will find many breathtaking views there that sum up the place to be a worth visiting tourist hotspot. But you will also find the streets unsafe in Zimbabwe that makes it world’s most dangerous travel locations, robbery, carjacking and mugging are very commonly seen on the streets there. Another common crime that is seen there is the tourist scam which is an easy way of making bucks amongst taxi drivers.

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