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Cheap Flights to Barcelona

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Fly to the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region with our cheap flights to Barcelona. Enjoy a trip to a city situated at the Mediterranean coast, and discover Barcelona at your own pace. Barcelona caters to many different types of people and travellers – the trendsetters, the all night partiers, the beach bunnies, the foodies, and the art aficionados.

It is a buzzing city which appeals to all senses and makes us fall in love with it. As a tourist destination, Barcelona with its modern facade, is also a hidden historic city. Romans, Jews, Muslims, Christians – all cultures have strong connections with Barcelona city.

Barcelona city offers scintillating prospects for foreign visitors due to its ancient history, avant-garde surrealist architecture, stunning seaside and beaches, gorgeous scenery, street music and Spanish traditional practices. Despite being the 2nd largest city of Spain, Barcelona is one the world’s largest tourist, economic, trade fair, and cultural centres, and it is in fact, a major global city due to its influence in various sectors such as: commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, art etc.

The Port of Barcelona is Europe’s largest cruise port, with approximately 3.6 million cruise ships passing through each year. Another element which makes Barcelona a world renowned city is because it is a home to one of the world’s biggest and the richest football clubs, FC Barcelona. The city is a must visit destination for a football enthusiast and no surprises here, it is also a sheer delight if you are a devotee to FC Barcelona’s game-play and history. Similarly, the Stadium contains a museum named as “Camp Nou Museum”, which has everything single detail of the club’s legacy.

Barcelona is home to World Heritage Sites endorsed by the UNESCO. Places like Casa Mila, Park Guell, Casa Batlo, Sagrada Familia are declared as points interest by UNESCO. Again, with cheap flights to Barcelona, enjoy best hotels, beaches, night clubs, shopping arenas, bars, restaurants, ancient palaces and forts located in the heart of the city.

So, book a cheap flight to Barcelona and get familiar to an enriching city with all of its diversified lifestyle and most importantly, to its cultural heritage. Again, we believe that you should avail such a lifetime opportunity to visit the Barcelona city. And if you are looking to visit Barcelona through an affordable flight, then it can’t get any better if you are visiting it through Dream World Travel.

Barcelona Weather

Top 6 things to do in Barcelona

6 facts about Barcelona


Barcelona is a major economic and cultural centre in south-western Europe.


Until 1992, Barcelona did not have beaches, their beaches are artificial.


The third largest stadium in the world is in Barcelona, Cam Nou Stadium.


Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain with 1.6 million residents.


The third most visited city in Europe is Barcelona; 8 million tourists visit the city each year.


The famous attraction of Barcelona, the Las Ramblas is not only one long street, but 5 in total.

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