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Cheap Flights to Islamabad

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As a leading travel agency world-wide, we tend to offer you various sorts of flights which are cheap, business class and deluxe in tendency. With our cheap flights to Islamabad, explore every bit of Pakistan’s capital city. And while we offer you a wide range of cheap flight deals, we also ensure that the travelling expense is within your budget.

The city of Islamabad is one of the most well developed, cosmopolitan and urbanized cities of Pakistan. It is often known for its lush green natural look, and recently in a survey, Islamabad has been ranked as the 2nd best capital in the world. Though most of the economy revolves around other major cities, still all federal affairs are operated from Islamabad which suggests that it is a pivotal city when it comes to running all national and international operations.

Islamabad has a rich history to its name containing mixture of various civilizations – the city is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the South Asian region. It is in fact, a meticulously planned city and its population, economic and urban development is continuously in progress. Inarguably, the city of Islamabad is the safest city to live and travel in comparison to any other city across all Pakistan.

Every year huge number of tourist shows up to the enriching lush green capital, and with enthralling sights like Faisal Mosque, Margalla Hills, Rawal Lake, Lok Virsa Museum and Pir Sohawar, the intensity of tourist influx keeps on increasing. Here, in Islamabad, top ranked Hotel chains, and other superior business sector are easily found. And with hotels like Serena, Marriot, Hill view and Monal Restaurant, enjoy every sight of Islamabad’s mountainous landscapes. The top tourist attractions in Islamabad includes its National Zoo, Simly Dam, and more often visitors tend to visit Murree because it is just beside Islamabad, a pioneer hill station and a place to look for.

Dream World Travel is here to offer you cheap flights to Islamabad, which will definitely sound more reasonable and convenient to you. Dream World Travel is your dream destination before landing on to Pakistan’s capital city “Islamabad” in the first place. So, book your cheap flight to Islamabad with us and take a journey to one of Pakistan’s most admired tourist destinations.

Islamabad Weather

Top 6 things to do in Islamabad

10 facts about Islamabad


Islamabad is ranked amongst the Gamma+ world city


Islamabad is one of those cities of Pakistan with the highest literacy rate


It is home to one of the largest mosque in the world, the Faisal Mosque.


It is said to be the cleanest and greenest cities of Pakistan


According to the list of top 10 beautiful capitals of the world, Islamabad ranks 2nd


Islamabad is home to AIOU which is one of the largest universities in the world by enrolment.


Islamabad Stock Exchange is the third largest stock exchange in Pakistan.


Islamabad is one of the most urbanised and cosmopolitan cities of Pakistan.


It gives a population density of around 3,900 residents per square mile


The city is growing out to be a major commercial and business centre so the workplace and highly skilled people tend to get attracted to Islamabad and visit it from other big cities of Pakistan including Karachi and Lahore.

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