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Cheap Flights to Lisbon

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Book cheap flights to Lisbon and enjoy the soulful music and café culture of Lisbon, being the capital and largest city of Portugal; the cosmopolitan city enjoys the Mediterranean climate with the warmest winters. If you wish to experience the most stunning sights of the crystal clear beaches to refresh your mind and museums of history to see the great piece of art then Lisbon is the best option for you. Explore the NúcleoArqueológico da Rua dos Correeiros which is layers of ruins hidden under the Millennium BCP bank building.

 To begin your journey with the beautiful Zoo’s or the National Palaces Lisbon is surely the best place for you. Fly to the colourful and vibrant Lisbon which is blessed with the best historic monuments and world-class rivers. Lisbon explore the culturally and artistically rich country during the months of April to June or September to November, when mild weathers and wild flowers make for incredible hiking experiences and festivals give you a taste of the real culture of the city. So don’t miss out the chance to explore the beautiful city of Portugal, visit the city by booking cheap flights to Lisbon, and grab an opportunity to explore more of the city yourself.

Lisbon Weather

Top 6 things to do in Lisbon

9 facts about Lisbon


Raven is known as a famous symbol of Lisbon


The city of Lisbon is even older than Rome


Lisbon is built on seven hills; Penha de Franca, Estrela, Monte, S.Pedro de AlcantaraCastelo, Graca, and Santa Catarina.


Fado is a popular music genre instigated in Portugal.


The Vasco Da Gama bridge which straddles upon the Tagus River is the longest one in Europe


Lisbon’s famous sport is football


Graffiti is a famous street art of Lisbon and Lisbon is considers as one of those cities with the best street art.


World’s smallest bookshop LivrariaSimão is in Lisbon – where due to lack of space when the customer walks in, the shop owner leaves.


The famous desert Pastel de Belém is made up of a secret recipe which is a secret amongst 5 men only. The recipe has never been written down and is only memorized by them, nor have they ever told anyone.

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