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Flights to Amasya

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With cheap flights to Amasya, visit the beautiful city of Turkey and the capital city of the Amasya province. The city has a history dating back to 7500 years back, the city of Amasya temps enough the travellers who are seeking a soothing holiday trip; explore the Yedi Kugular Kus Cenneti is a famous bird sanctuary that serves as a regular picnic spot. View the Amasya castle which is situated at the Harsane Mountain to the west. You will find number of exotically relaxing spas in the city to get back and just relax on a tiring holiday trip. View some of the most solemn mosques in the city including Bayezid Pasha Mosque, Gumuslu mosque, Sirvanli Mosque Abide Hatun Mosque and Sofular Abdullah Pasha Mosque. The city of Amasya was a learning centre for the poets, scientists and especially the sons of Sultan; you can find the anciently built schools of the Sultan’s era. Some eminent beauty can be seen within the houses which are built just beneath the Yesilirmark, the Hazeranlar Mansion is an attractive building there. The architectural important sights include the ethnographical museum and the art gallery, surely adding a glimpse to the city’s attractive history. So grab your cheap flights to Amasya and visit the city of Turkey to witness the Turkish beauty like never before.

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5 facts about Amasya


Amasya is a city in northern Turkey, situated in the Karadeniz Region.


The official language is Turkish while English is widely spoken in major cities.


There are two kinds of public holidays in Turkey.


Tap water is chlorinated and, thus, safe to drink.


The official working days in Amasya are from Monday thru Friday.

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