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Book cheap tickets to Gdansk, it is a Polish city on the Baltic drift. It is the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland's key seaport and is additionally the focal point of the nation's fourth-biggest metropolitan zone. Notwithstanding tourism, Gdansk is likewise the republic's primary seaport, taking care of a lot of imports and fares from the city's harbor.

Gdansk's primary attractions are primarily bound to the Srodmiescie area, the city's focal quarter. Inside Srodmiescie, numerous areas are subdivided into the Main Town and the Old Town. A few noteworthy attractions are likewise outside of the quick downtown area. A few substantial colleges are situated inside the city, with a large portion of them offering English dialect courses. So Book cheap tickets to Gdansk today!

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5 facts about Gdansk


Gdansk was a fraction of Germany for several years.


It is the only metropolis in Poland that was ‘free’ in the previous era.


Gdansk established the Poland free from Soviet supremacy.


World War II initiated in this city.


Gdansk is a portion of Thricity Accumulation.

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