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With our cheap flights to Isparta fly to the Turkish city draped in the sweet scent of roses and oil perfumes. As a transport hub Isparta is famous for its rose attars for which the flowers that are spread in the fields between Isparta and Lake Burdur bloom between mid of May and mid of June. With our cheap flights to Isparta you can tour and learn about how these aromatic natural perfumes are made and how the flowers are harvested at the break of dawn and placed in copper vats. Steam is passed over them and drawn off, which leaves water’s surface with a thin layer of oil on it that’s recovered and bottled to produce the famed attar. The rosewater that’s drawn from the procedure is a resource itself. Many sites and places in Isparta are rose centric, promoting the city’s natural asset in the most soothing and fragrant way possible. Local brands like the organic Senir and Gülbirlik are the world’s biggest rose oil producers. So fly with us with our cheap flights to Isparta, and ensure a stress free and relaxing trip for yourself as all the troublesome tasks will be our responsibility to handle.

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