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Flights to Kozhikode

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With cheap flights to Kozhikode, visit the city of the Kerala State of India. You can see the beach hotel which is the oldest and the famous one of the city. Trip around the Mananchira Square that is located at the heart of the city, here you can see a musical fountain and an air theater for your attraction. See the Kappad Beach that is rich in having a lot of historical importance. The Beypore is the famous and busy fishing area of Kozhikode. The Pazhassi Raja Museum is a famous museum displaying old coins and the art galleries contains the famous and stunning paintings. The Thusharagiri Waterfalls is a famous waterfall of the city where you can find relaxing and calm atmosphere. You can visit the Kallayi River flowing at the heart of Kerela and the Mananchira which is an unnatural man made pond and a major attraction for tourists. Moreover, you can visit the Hilite Mall which is the oldest and largest shopping mall of Kozhikode. So now with cheap flights to Kozhikode, you can travel around the famous city of Kerala by booking the best available flights with Dream World Travel.

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4 facts about Kozhikode


Kozhikode is a city with its population of half a million,


Located in Kerala state in India, it is situated on the Malabar Shoreline of the Arabian Sea.


Once known as the leading harbour of South India, it remained as the centre of India's timber trade.


Many noticeable writers of Malayalam literature rose from Kozhikode.

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