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With cheap flights to Krasnodar, visit the beautiful city of Russia. The city is sublimely located beneath the Kuban River, with many touristy places and the city experiencing beautiful weather especially in winters, sums up to be a perfect holiday destination. Explore the Museum of Military Hardware, which is an open air museum displaying the tanks of WWII, watch the statue of Catherine the great standing in a beautiful park and capturing everyone’s attention. Dine in the Don Bazillo Italian restaurant; get some of the best eateries of Krasnodar there. Spend a day at the Khlebnie Istorii café with a bunch of friends or of course family, enjoy free WIFI and feel free to browse around. Explore the Regional museum and find the Archaeological exhibits of historic times. Visit the State Arts Museum and the famous St. Catherine Cathedral. For southern Russia, Krasnodar serves as an economic centre. The Krasnodar Historic Center is the oldest part of the city having many of those historic buildings. For entertainment, you can visit the Krasnodar Ballet Theater, the Krasnodar State Circus or the Krasnodar Regional Puppet Theater. So grab your cheap flights to Krasnodar and visit the city so cheerful and welcoming.

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3 facts about Krasnodar


Krasnodar is a popular town and the managerial hub of Krasnodar, Russia.


The city is situated on the Kuban River, roughly 148 kilometres northeast of the harbour of Novorossiysk.


It has a population of 744,995 in the 2010 Census.

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