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Take our cheap flights to Taif and fly to a city that has refreshingly moderate temperatures which are a relief compared to its more humid and more famous neighbouring cities. The gentle climate is the first and foremost allure of this city. Taif is full of cultural and historical significance, especially for the Muslims and some of the past can be experience walking down the streets and mingling with the hospitable locals. With our cheap flights to Taif visit the city that needs to be explored with the family. Nearly 3000 garden parks are dotted all over the city, a rush of families settling down for supper can be found on some of these parks enjoying the breeze and the cultural cuisine. Many can be found enjoying Sheesha and filling the air with aromatic smoke. Take a stroll through the markets and be blown away by the crafts and goods, the people that deal the goods and the constant chatter and haggling for the goods that goes on. Do look out for the baboons on the mountain roadside that come out to greet you; they’re often there to steal your snacks. So avail our cheap flights to Taif and guarantee a trip for yourself that will undoubtedly be comfortable.

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Taif is a city in Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia.


It is located at an elevation of 6,165 ft. on the hills of Sarawat Mountains.


The city is known to be home for 1.2 million residents.


Taif is the centre of an agricultural area for grapes, pomegranate, figs and honey.

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